Thursday, December 8, 2011


The latest Twitter hashtag is just the latest in anti-Semitism
A video from Glenn Beck


Joe said...

The “yes we can” man knows no end to his conniving rhetoric and his fork tongued side kick, Leon Panetta, good Catholic boy that he is, knows the world of double cross all too well from his CIA and Calabrian background.
They think that Israel is the “patsy,”……….little do they know!!!

But then again.... you have a Mormon who speaks truth and the son of holocaust survivors who joins in the Israel hatefest.
Fascinating world we live in, heh?

Joe said...

Shlichah, I forgot to add the link for "staying alive" Leon Panetta..."you can tell by the way he moves......ha,ha, ha, staying alive."

Dov Bar-Leib said...

G-d bless Glenn Beck. When Obuzzard closes down his operation in Texas and pulls the plug on Rush Limbaugh's world class radio show, they could both come here once Arutz-7 gets back their license to broadcast. They are more than welcome in my neighborhood to rent an apartment or a home. They can even buy a home from an Arab in Ramallah, about 2 miles from where I live, who is quickly leaving the country.

I hear that Jews are stopping Glenn on the streets of New York telling him that they are scared of what is coming. Glenn then asks are you going to go to Israel? And sadly most say that that is even more frightening. Then he asks if they want to come with him to Texas, where America has not yet lost its G-d centered soul. Well maybe they should all come here instead and skip the stopover in Dallas.

Anonymous said...

I believe i read somewhere that Gutman is the son of a mixed marriage and has become a fundamentalist Xian. I am not sure he is really Jewish at all.