Friday, December 2, 2011

Live Conference to Demand Moshiach - Sunday Dec 4

This Sunday join Jews from all of the world on for a Live Phone Conference to demand the coming of Moshiach ● Get inspired by Rabbi Yossi Jacobson and Rabbi Yitzy Loewenthal ● Don't miss this crucial historic event- from your own home! ● 

The "International Ad Mossai Phone Conference" will take place 3:00pm EST, and will feature Rabbi Yitzy Loewenthal, Chabad Shliach to Denmark who will address the topic "Living The Light Of Chassidus" and Rabbi Yossi Jacobson who will explain how to "Achieve Geulah in the month of Geulah."

Conference Number: 712-432-0900
Access Code: 810794#

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Anonymous said...

Great idea ! I read the 4 sages who entered parddes were trying to fix the 4 mochine stop the romans and bring geulah . In this light if there serious about mashiach the rebbe said if there were 10 of you who were serious ? ! oviousely this is stratling for 100's have and are serious at least during tefillah .