Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012 -

Welcome to what could turn out to be the most interesting year of our lives....


  1. R' Pinchas Winston wrote to this effect: Why did the Mayan calendar stop at 2012? Because they ran out of Inca.

  2. MAOZ: I must tell this one to my friends...ty

    2012: Truth Behind Doomsday?
    Posted in Vision of Geulah on January 3, 2012 by visionofgeulah

    The people of the world lately celebrated “Happy New Year”. It is now, as is written on the calendars, the year they refer to as 2012. (Since Creation, it is already the year 5772, however.)

    According to R’ Google, the year 2012 goes very well with the word “Doomsday”.

    First of all, relax.

    But everything is by Divine Providence Hasgacha Pratit and if the world is buzzing about the End, we have to look in Torah (and especially the Zohar, as we will see) to see if there is any message of truth here.

    What does 2012 have to do with Mashiach?

    What does “Doomsday” have to do with the final Redemption?

    Stay tuned.

  4. Thank you Vision - please let us know when you blog the answer !


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