Friday, January 27, 2012

Pain Precedes Gain

[Kol HaTor]

There are seven ways for the beginning of the Redemption to occur in practice, with the help of God.

[a] pangs and pleasure. We must know beforehand that the beginning of the Redemption will come by way of suffering and pleasure, as hinted at in the sentence “pangs for Yosef.” It will come with the quality of Din when the awakening starts from below. The footsteps of the Mashiach come with pangs, and sometimes even indirectly. On the other hand, in contrast, the quality of Lovingkindness is present, as it says, “he [Israel] stretched out his right hand, and placed it on Efraim’s head.”

We must know beforehand, that during the period of the footsteps of the Messiah, whenever there is trouble, help will come, and the help will come out of the trouble, as it states: “it is a time of trouble for Jacob; but out of it he will be saved.” The Gaon, in his commentary on Habakkuk regarding the verse “I will rest on the day of distress, ” states that this sentence refers to Mashiach ben Yosef, and that we should know beforehand that Eretz Israel is obtained by suffering. But in that manner it is definitely obtained. The footsteps of the Mashiach comes with disturbances and obstacles brought on by the Angel of Esau as well as by Armilus, the Angel of the mixed multitude. Finally, however, the Angel of Esau will fall into the hands of the Angel of Yosef--as we find in the Midrash Tanchuma [on the parsha “Ki Tezeh”]--with the help of the Mashiach ben David, as happened when Judah saved Yosef, and as meant by the words: “out of the strong came forth sweetness, ” and by “He will accept the work of our hands.”

Therefore, God forbid that we retreat when difficulties arise or when an obstacle appears to prevent us from continuing to work. On the contrary, we must trust that out of that obstacle, help will come to Jacob, and from the straits we will reach the breadth [abundance] of Divine help.

Source: Yedid Nefesh

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Anonymous said...

From the depth of my heart I thank you, Devorah, for posting this inspirational D'var Tora.
For me it is Divine Providence that you 'just happened' to post it when you did.
There are, indeed, NO CO-INCIDENCES in life...
The seemingly bad - as well as the good all stem from Hashem. And He grants us 'inspiration' just when we need it most.
And you, dear Devorah, 'just happened to be' the conduit through which He sent these words of encouragement!