Monday, January 23, 2012

Life's A Beach: Australia

Some winners in the Australia Day Council's photography competition. [Australia Day is celebrated on January 26]

Kookaburra Family by Ken Griffiths NSW
The Bay of Blue Fire by Cally Edmonds NSW
"Having explored the east coast of Tasmania, only a short time ago, The Bay of Fires was a definite highlight. We were expecting to see the bright red lichen rolling over the boulders, in its full glory; instead we were greeted with bad weather and occasional glimpses of light. Australia's unpredictable weather patterns had taken over, but it was a five-minute window of sunlight that allowed me to take this photograph, capturing the aquamarine waters slipping past the rocks, creating a magnificent contrast from the white sand. This photo, I believe, shows so much about not only Australia's hidden gems, like The Bay of Fires, but it also gives an insight in to just how much Australia can shine even on its bad days."

Beached by Robert Baillie NSW
"When I took this photo I thought it really showed the great Australian pride in our country and the laidback attitude of its people. On Australia Day this gentleman had covered his Tinny in Australian flags and had been parading along the water, for the crowd on the bank to enjoy. The outgoing tide must have left him beached but not to be fussed he had settled down for a quick nap. “She’ll be right mate, the tide will come up eventually!”

Full photo gallery can be found here


Leah said...

Beautiful.....any sharks inthe Blue Bay?

Devorah said...

I've never been to Tasmania, I have no idea, it looks so peaceful.
But there do seem to be sharks everywhere, and lately there's been quite a few people getting attacked in the surf.

Joe said...

Shalom Leah,

you should come for a visit. I have a pet shark in my pool...his name is Big bobo :-)

Leah said...

Uh......geeeeee Joe, I .....uh.....I....uh....thanks for the invite....My family and I had a small shark in a small tank years ate allllllll of the other small fish. That's about as close to a shark as I want to get....Beautiful creatures- just scare me half to death. Shalom.