Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Same Weird Noises: Germany

[Video summary from You Tube]

Anybody knows this sound?
We were doing a video of our dog, as suddenly our Cockatoo freaks out und we`ve heard a strange noise...
First we thought about our water pipes from the bathroom (got some trouble with it before), till we recognized, that this sound is coming from outside.
It was really loud and strongly, maybe you can`t hear it so good by watching this video.
Please watch this video from the start till the end, cause by watching this lately, we noticed, that this "hum" almost started by the beginning of this video !
This video is taken in MönchenGladbach in NRW, Germany.
Maybe some from our surrounding area heard that too and can say something about it.
Thank you !
Ps: it was Sunday evening, 22nd of January 2012!


Anonymous said...



Profanity warning:



Anonymous said...

What does 'torah-codes' say about it?

lioness said...

I live in Belle Harbor, New York (Queens) and I also heard this strange noise! At 3:30AM...I was woken up by this noise. I thought that it was a fog-horn coming off the bay, and wrote it off to that.
But now---after watching this video, it was exactly the same piercing shrill noise.
Do you see lights in the sky, in this video? UFO ?

Leah said...

It's very loud at the end.....it does appear that the dog and bird sense something. it does not appear to be fake... What do you think, Devorah?

Devorah said...

I'm a believer Leah, for me it's the Heavenly shofar heralding Moshiach, until someone proves otherwise.

Devorah said...

Lioness, it's not a UFO, its the lights looking strange because the camera is moving.

Anonymous said...

I think its the other way around. It's made up noises until proven as a shofar as otherwise

Devorah said...

If those noises are made up, someone's doing a great job of it.
It may not be a shofar, but that theory is ok by me right now.

Leah said...

Too many places all over th world that have this. I definately thik it is a something, yet just don't know what. Devorah, your idea of what it is - may it go from your lips to G-d's ears.

Anonymous said...

It was on our local Saskatoon, Saskatchewan CTV News 6 pm.
just now.
The Mayor of Prince Albert got mass texted and called. P.A.
is about 150 km from us.
Citizens were calling panicked en masse about the trumpet like scraping sounds.
They've been heard in North Battleford and Edmonton too.

The Mayor of Prince Albert consulted an expert who has declared that these sounds are electromagnetic waves bouncing off of antenna's or structures on the ground, particularly during solar activity or storms.

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Leah said...

If it's the case,(the electromagnetic waves bouncing off etc.) then why is it only a new phenomenon? Is it because there have been more solar flares recently after a few year void?

Anonymous said...

"then why is it only a new phenomenon?"

That would be my question too. It's not like people don't have access to their cell phones to record it. So why now? If you look at the YouTube videos this phenomena seems to have started in 2011. I think some are fake but the ones that have made the news, like the hum in Canada are definitely real...

Moriah said...




Devorah said...

""A sound will be awakened from the highest heights of the heavens, a bitterly sad sound, that which never existed before from the day that the worlds were created.""

ה'תשע"ב is the second letter of each word in the Targum of the verse (Yeshaya 27:13) בַּיּוֹם הַהוּא, יִתָּקַע בְּשׁוֹפָר גָּדוֹל [in that day, that a great horn shall be blown] which is: בְּעִדְנָא הַהִיא יִתְקַע בְּשׁוֹפָרָא רַבָּא

See Geula Update from Rav Fish Bo 5772