Friday, January 6, 2012

Autistics' Final Message [apparently]

HT Yaak

I only have the Google translation, but basically they are saying this is their last message:

.......and here we got to the last step before redemption, the most difficult stage for Israel, including the world. And we're going to Open redemption. And now, after so many years of messages, messages designed to help the people of Israel prepare for salvation, we got a moment of final message, like that of Regular treatments ("Facilitated Communication") and short FC.

Why all of a sudden we got a message from heaven to stop the messages at all? That the world has changed completely. [Ecclesiastes: "All the time ... time to be silent and a time to speak"]. And what we have said until now, that's what we say in the future. That there is no more to say at this point. No more to say to the people of Israel how to prepare ourselves for salvation.

Read it all here: their last message


joshwaxman said...


Devorah said...

heh.... or Rep Rep Rurray"

Anonymous said...

This is my translation from the middle of Binyomin Goldin's text:

[we need to] fix the first sin of Adam, and to fix all the subsequent sins since then. The biggest sin, teh first one, because of which we all fell, is to think that we all can be like HaKadosh Baruch Hu, tha tif we only eat of the fruit of the tree, the n we will be able to rule over the whole world. But, many have tried and failed. . . . To rule over something only HaKadosh Baruch Hu can do.

This is so true. It's great to hear someone say it.


Anonymous said...

no disrespect but no more false prophets no one knows whats next !

Joe said...

Devorah... the true latin is "Roma est perdita" Rome is LOST not fallen.

Etna blowing its top is the first signal......maybe vESUVius, Stromboli, Vulcano with all the Aeolian Islands in the Mediterranean will create a ring of fire around Roma the ETERNALly damned city.

"Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears."

Anonymous said...

Thank god!!! .. last message. Last time time our naive Jews have to listen to this gibberish. Who knows maybe they resumed their meds.

Anonymous said...

please translate in entirety

chaim said...

it is all about free choice.

and hashem is good.

no one knows what is next because it all depends upon our deeds from a moment to moment basis, like on the edge of a sword. people think they can go to a palm reader to spell out the details of the future. whatever is indicated in the lines of the palm can shift in a moment either way--for good or for bad--depending upon a person's deeds. a long life line can be cut short or vice versa. this is the same with these "messengers". they were simply given the permission to speak for a certain while but in a context that would give more people a chance to choose to improve their lives. if you look at the universal aspects of what they were saying, it is all true. as for the nitty gritty--that is always subject to change. does someone want to complain that the world hasn't blown up yet??? the world was created through compassion!!

think about how it worked before the flood (which won't happen again). noah built the ark for 120 years before the flood actually came. towards the end he was greatly ridiculed.... in his compassion, hashem just wanted to give people a chance to change.

similar thing when the jews left egypt. moshe rabbeinu kept saying over and over, 'we're going to leave, we're going to leave." and some stopped believing him until all of a sudden....

life is dynamic and full of vitality--it depends upon us moment to moment. let's choose good and to be good.

Tidbits of Torah said...

anonymous that said "resumed their meds"

What a terrible thing to say. I am sure you thought it quite funny though as you typed it. I only hope that if you are a Yid you will do teshuva.

Anonymous said...

I translated it with google and as usual, their words make very little sense, I appreciate that they have a disability but I do not appreciate who ever is exploiting them for this mish mash of hyped up silly words which makes no sense at all. It would seem to me if they were indeed prophets or seerers which ever used by G-d they would be able to give a clearer picture of what they are saying. Even if it may be parables as the prophets of old used many times, those parables were applicable and relevant and resonated through time. Oh make no mistake we had all better look our souls over carefully and do teshuvah every minute and walk the chalk line of Torah not some over blown religious teachers rhetoric which brings us further away from what G-d intended rather than closer to his intended direction. The very best Rabbi I know of who actually has his finger on the pulse of this generation and is teaching truth to it furthest extent is no other than Rabbi Ariel Bar Tzadok who can be found at He has honestly come forth with this generation's problems concerning religiosity v's Torah truths. I would highly suggest even the Rabbinical factions on here to listen to him and truly hear and do. Shalom with love. Ariela

Anonymous said...

They've stopped warning us because they know the Final End is finally here, and no one is listening.
I am surprised they didnt know in advance that no one would listen, as is clearly indicated above.

Here it is and there are barely several months to prepare for it:
On or around Rosh Chodesh Elul 5772 major fireworks throughout the middle East and the world should begin.
This terrible time of confusion and heartache, called chevlai Mashiach that we have all been waiting for but never looking forward to, won't be pleasant with the many forms of blackouts,whole cities disappearing that will only be known once the media blackout is lifted. "Town against town, city against city, man's hand against neighbor..." as it says in chapter nine of Midrash Pirkei D'Rebbi Eliezer.

Just read the Tosafos in Gemara Pesachin daf bet amud bet:"Ad yasay Malchusayihu."

Then immediately after follows the Yishua.

The autistic tzadikkim are just tired that few are listening and far fewer have prepared for it.

Chazak, Chazak, Vinischazaik!

shimonmatisyahu said...

The names of one of these autistics is Daniel, the name of the Sefer in Tanach that mentions the timing of the redemption, and in his last message, quoting from the last chapter of Sefer Daniel, which ends with the words L'Keitz HaYomin "at the End of Days", the last messages taking place during Chanuka, the last of the holidays mandated by the rabbis in pre-Mishnaic times. And as we know, the ultimate message of Chanuka is focusing on spirituality without getting materialism in the way, the opposite of what the Syrian-Greeks attempted to do to the Jews, which is the basis of the messages of these autistics (whether anyone wishes to believe in their prophecies or not).

Anonymous said...

We may not like the way the message is given over but everyone of you know there is something coming. These are not ordinary times. Someone I know doesn't think anythings different about the world we live in that it's no different than 1965 or 1992. Whatever it is, we should all be thinking about purifying ourselves from our base material and physical desires. Musar, Torah, loving kindness and human decency, stop the lashon hara immediately and pray for closeness to Hashem. Be kind to your brother and be a good Jew.

Dov Bar-Leib said...

So Etna also blew its top on Tzom Tevet?? Wow. The only problem is is that Etna is in Sicily, the ancestral home of Mafia bosses like Lucky Luciano. Luciano had a great relationship with Jews who were equally into crime and degradation such as Meyer Lansky and Bugsy Siegel born Benjamin Siegelbaum. Sicily, though, did not destroy the Beit HaMikdash, and the Jews who joined in with the Luciano crime syndicate were already corrupted at the start. Yet, this eruption is definitely something to watch to see if the magma pressure spreads up the western coast of Italy to Vesuvius.

Dov Bar-Leib said...

Plus, eruptions from Etna are numerous with several eruptions in 2011 alone. Vesuvian eruptions are much rarer and are therefore more easily tied to other historical events. The Zohar seems to indicate that such an eruption could take place in 5773. Yet, the Zohar there on Bereishit 119 could be referring to a meteor shower. But somehow the City of Rome will be hit by lots of hot rocks in 5773. Vesuvius is about 100 miles south of Rome along the West coast.

Devorah said...

Here is the translation in full: go to Tomer Devorah