Wednesday, January 11, 2012

''Chareidi Extremists are Animals''

Jerusalem - A well known Rosh Yeshiva who is also a popular figure in the Sephardi kiruv world had nothing but contempt and scorn for Charedi Israeli extremists.

Rabbi Rafael Zar, Rosh Yeshiva of Yeshiva Ohr Dor – Ohr Yehuda, a noted baal mussar and considered by some as a spiritual leader, had strong words for those who resort to extreme measures, in the name of tznius.

“They are the worst kind of evildoers, far worse than the most secular individual,” said Rabbi Zar. “If I could I would break their arms and legs. This is not just my opinion, it is the opinion of Chazal. They would catch them, give them lashes and break their bones for their appalling behavior.

Spitting on women? I am appalled by this and any true Ben Torah feels the same way about this garbage. The people who do this are nothing more than garbage and they bring a foul stench to the scent of Torah in this world. It is repulsive. To spit on a Jewish Girl? Who do you think you are?

Anyone whose middos are so corrupt, is not a Jew in my eyes. He is an animal.”
“Someone who commits a Chilul Hashem like this does not deserve to have a beard. It is an embarrassment. According to the Holy Tazdik Baba Sali Zt’l there are Jews that when they will go to gehenim, the fire will start from their beard, because they don’t deserve to have a beard.”

Source, video and full article at: VIN News


Anonymous said...

thank god yes god is a small g there are some normal religious jews

Anonymous said...

What are you getting at, why the small "g"?

YMedad said...

I'd love to see him go to Bet Shemesh and try to break their bones.

Anonymous said...

Im a kabbalist rabbi moshe chaim luzzatto and ramban and others explain when the sitra achra and klipot are intense this is the realm of el acher =samael the angel that has been responsible for our deaths for 3000 years . This is the sod of cais yah not cisay havayah , when israel is deemed worthy for whatever reason its YHVH complete thus a big G not a small one . Amen Cain Yehi Ratzon

Anonymous said...

The gra says theres 3 amalaks are yetzer in our heart ishmael/esau /erev rav and samael above in shamayim . Baba sali had a long dream with the mashiach at 90 years old recorded in his book they went 40 stories high in the air and sat in the clouds he asked him when he was coming , the baba sali couldnt tell us the answer he said soon very soon ! what stops him ? the yetzer in man and the satan they dont let him come ! Look at israel the last 20 years the world the last 20 years you see how true this is as the rebbe said ad motai and dai enough Hashem !