Sunday, January 15, 2012

More of those strange earth noises

This time in Conklin, Alberta Jan. 12 2012


Gibbo said...

Devorah this is something. I dont know what but I feel that it means something important, I wonder what a Rav would say....mmmmm

Vision of Geulah said...

Doomsday: It Isn’t Really Doomsday At All
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It sounds very dramatic: “DOOMSDAY” (!) — and it seems to fit the description.

But…it isn’t really Doomsday at all. (Sorry to disappoint…)

When children go to the “Haunted House” at the amusement park, they get scared. The parents are not scared. And in the end, nobody is touched, even not a hair on the head.

There is no “safe place” because every Jew is inherently safe. The question is:

Is our trust in the Almighty G-d like that of a child, or like that of a parent?

Each one’s outlook will determine his or her view,


the (gasp) "Doomsday Experience"

the (ahhh) Coming of Mashiach Experience!

Whichever the case, every Jew will come out untouched, awakening to the light of the long-awaited redemption.

But the Holy One, blessed be He, is helping us to grow out of being children. The posts on this site are intended to be a contribution in that direction: knowing what to expect is a big part of the difference between the child and the parent (the other part–bigger and far more important–is knowing Who is really in control and trusting in His benevolence).

The seemingly physical walls of this world of exile and lies will fall, we must know that we are not falling with it.

Be happy–the “Doomsday” of the world of lies is the liberation of truth and the Holy Nation!


…to be continued…

Anonymous said...

preparing the world for a shofar blast?

Devorah said...

Gibbo, I mentioned it to a Rav on Shabbos, he said the reason why the JC phenomenon occurred was to give the nations of the world the opportunity of understanding the concept of a Messiah..... and it is possible that there will be this kind of 'trumpet call' sign/noise, and it's nothing to worry about.

Russell Yushvah said...

These sounds were taken from the original video that you can see here. You can clearly hear giggles of kids in the background that are taken from this video in Kiev. I read comments in Russian and few locals said that they are simply from the Caterpillars at the nearby bridge construction.

Devorah said...

I've never heard earthmoving machinery that sounds like that. And how does it explain all the other places where the same sounds were recorded, including during the baseball game?

Gibbo said...

I feel about these noises the same way I felt about the orb/malach/unknown entity hovering over the temple mount, my gut feeling on both these occasions have been that there is reason and meaning behind them and not just randomness. Earth noises could be the leviathan starting to stretch and waking up from it's slumber ;)

Moriah said...

"I read comments in Russian and few locals said that they are simply ..."

No,it's a 65 strat through a wall of Marshall amps... ;-)

Anonymous said...

Many of us have been hearing The Hum for years, decades, even. NU? Look it up, re: The Hum.