Thursday, March 22, 2012

Potential: A Gift of Fire

The sages tell us that out of one thousand students who embark on the path of Torah study, only one emerges worthy of rendering halachic decisions [Vayikra Rabbah 2:1]. Hashem endows some people with more natural gifts - such as superior intelligence and less of a propensity towards being distracted - than others.

Natural abilities are like a fire: if they're misdirected they become destructive.

Yichus is also a gift of fire. Torah is the vessel that can safely handle the fire, but if someone doesn't have Torah, then all his inherited talents and energy become a fire than can consume him. If he doesn't use his fire for Torah, then it will be used for other things, or will ultimately consume the person himself.

Source: Rabbi Mendel Kaplan
"Reb Mendel and His Wisdom" by Yisroel Greenwald

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  1. So true, so true. Thank you so much for sharing the wisdom. Natural abilities are like a fire because they rest on human egos naturally, Torah study and practice remove the human egos, therefore the fire becomes harmless and can only do good to humanity. Shalom.


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