Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Story of Obama and Israel

Barack Obama ran for president as a pro-Israel candidate -- but his record tells a different story.

HT: Israel Matzav


Serpil said...

Hi Devorah,

Thank you for posting this video. It was an eye-opener. I come from a religious muslim family from Turkey, and am sad to say that majority of muslim Turks follow Erdogan blindly when it comes to his hostility against Israel, although everyone knows that he is not to be trusted. Turkish republic has gone poorer, less democratic and more dangerous during his period. I was thinking he was a mad person, going against Israel, his ally in Middle East but I see now that he was just following the footsteps of Obama.

It's unfortunate to see that the long decades of strong relationship btw USA and Israel could be brought to this level during Obama's presidency. I wish I could understand his reasons. Probably, he hoped he could get some financial profit by strengthening his relationship with the Islamic world, and help boost the American economy. I can't know.

But the truth is that Israel brought so many things to the Middle East that would be literally impossible under Arabic reign. The Muslim girls could go to school even with their heads covered, which is FORBIDDEN in Turkey (what kind of muslim country is that?!), the advanced science and technology, the unbelievable green nature of Israel! Muslims have more freedom and justice in Israel than any other country including the islamic countries. I wish everyone could see this, but this is the era of blindness (well at least it's my theory).

As long as G-D is with Israel, it doesn't matter whichever country is against her, Israel will go on surviving. I'll pray for the Israelis, the true owners of Israel.


Devorah said...

Thank you Serpil.

Joe said...

Shalom Aleichem Serpil,

what a breath of fresh air from a stale world of anti-Israel rhetoric.

Thank you very much for speaking up from the heart of truth.

You give us so much inspiration from the least expected quarter. There is hope - hatikva that there are righteous gentiles who stand with Israel.