Thursday, March 22, 2012

America's Nightmare

Elke's Warning - She was born under Hitler ym''s, raised under the USSR's sovereignty in East Germany, and came to America as a young adult.

''They confiscated our lands... then we had nationalized health care.... [hitler ym''s started that].... no more private businesses.... everything was run by the government...... they confiscated the guns...... that's what happens under communism..... communism is anti-God.... so they took God out...... I see it happening in America..... he's taking over the health care, the banks......  I see it .....'' [Elke]

If you still can't see the similarities between Obama's plans and the above, see last week's post: Obama Preparing for.... Whitehouse releases new Executive Order: National Defense Resources Preparedness - giving them the power to basically do anything they like, and take control of everything and everyone.


Anonymous said...

With all due respect. I can't agree with you on this. You live in a country where you don't have to worry about the cost of healthcare, or filing bankruptcy when someone in your family gets sick. Every industrialized country in the world has some form of national health care except the US. I am self employed and pay close to a 1/4 of my monthly income for a not very good health care policy and even that could be taken from me if someone G-d forbid gets sick. Meanwhile, Obama has done nothing to take anyone's guns away. I am an observant Jew, but there is no reason to be afraid of public health care. Between medicare, veterans health benefits and public employees, close to 50% of the population already receives some form of public health benefits. The rest of us are either slaves to large employers and at risk of losing our benefits as soon as we get laid off, or scrounge for sub-standard coverage at exploitative rates from rapacious insurance companies.

Devorah said...

re: the guns - I don't really know anything except what I read on the internet, but here's something that may make you reconsider your statement - it's certainly got a lot of gun-owners upset and worried:

Effective Immediately Ruger has stopped accepting Firearms Orders. The Company says that they have had to temporarily suspend the acceptance of new orders after receiving requests for more than one million units. Read more here: Ruger Stops Accepting Firearms Orders

Anonymous said...

I don’t understand why any Jew, especially an observant Jew can’t see that history is repeating itself. The word says in the last days that “Those who have eyes will see and those who have ears will hear”. Apparently the person doesn’t see what Obama is doing to Israel and doesn’t hear what Iran is saying it wants to do to Israel and they haven’t been listening to what Obama has been saying the last several years about guns. They are just worried about what their having to pay for their health care. They are just drinking the kool aid the liberal media is feeding them. May HaShem open their eyes and ears before it’s too late!


Anonymous said...

As a Jew in the United Kingdom, I cherish national health care, and cherish too the prohibition on private individuals owning firearms.