Friday, March 23, 2012

UN orders first-ever probe into ''illegal Israeli settlements''

The UN Human Rights Council [UNHRC] has passed a resolution which orders the first-ever probe to explore the impact of Israeli settlements on the occupied Palestinian territories.

Of the 47-member council, 36 voted in favor of the resolution on Thursday while 10 abstained from voting. The Untied States was the only member that voted against the measure.

The resolution called on Tel Aviv to help protect Palestinian civilians and property in the occupied territories as well as to prevent settler’s violence “including confiscation of arms and enforcement of criminal sanctions.”

“Steps like this do nothing to promote a just and lasting peace,” said the US envoy to the UN, adding that America is “deeply troubled by this council’s bias against Israel.”

Meanwhile, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu also criticized the UNHRC, saying that the Council “should be ashamed of itself” for approving such a measure.

Full article at: PressTV

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Leah said...

I say the UNHRC conducts an intense study on the effect of "honor" killings, rape, torture, multiple marriages, gen. mutilation, deprivation of all kinds on their society and the world as a whole- THEN we'll look at Israeli rights to their own country....