Monday, March 5, 2012

Australia Floods: Thousands Homeless: Midda K'neged Midda ?

Last October, Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd ''made a serious mistake and misjudgment about the Israeli-Palestinian dispute..... reducing Australia's potential to play a constructive role, harming the relationship with Israel and damaging the Gillard government'' when he criticized Israel's approval of 1100 new housing units in Gilo, an area of Jerusalem. [See Rudd Shouldn't Join Chorus Line of Israel Bashers]

Rudd's misjudgment has continued: Last week he resigned his post as Foreign Minister in an attempt to take back his former role as Prime Minister. He lost the vote 71 - 31 and is now relegated to the back bench.

So Kevin Rudd himself is now professionally homeless: he is neither Foreign Minister, nor is he Prime Minister. Quite an embarrassing state of affairs for him.

But unfortunately, it seems he is not the only one to suffer from his foot-in-mouth disease, and many thousands of Australians are also ''homeless'' as the flood waters rise around their properties.

The eastern side of Australia is currently experiencing its worst floods for 125 years. Thousands of people have been evacuated from their homes, with the flood waters rising, and more rain predicted to fall.

We can only hope that Bob Carr, the new Australian Foreign Minister, does not follow in Kevin's footsteps.


Anonymous said...

How about mida k'neged midah against the "palestinians" themselves instead of insignificant and irrelevnt 3rd parties? Let me know when that happens!

Anonymous said...

Are there jews in that area?

Devorah said...

Maybe a few, but generally no.

Anonymous said...

you know anon. australia, US and the tornadoes hitting it and making towns of people homeless and other nations are not insignificant and irrelevant third parties. these are the nations that actually brought about the birth of the P people, who brought the lesser twin brother of hitler, arafat to the w house. and gave him credibility. these nations are the back bone of the Philistines, who without these dontors are absolutely NOTHING. break the donors, and the philistines cant even squeak. Hashem Knows what HE is doing. where and when to hit. ofcourse none of us are happy at all in seeing thousands of australians, americans etc homeless are being devastated. we are paying for the mistakes of our leaders. sometimes the punishments are collective. and can we blame Hashem? NO, because we voted them in. measure for measure. we are getting what we chose for.

Devorah said...

I've been receiving some very strange [insane] Anonymous comments lately, and for that reason I am deleting the Anonymous option for a while.

Devorah said...

Gilo is south-east Jerusalem.
It is the south-east of Australia that is being flooded.

Just saying.

Devorah said...

See: Detailed explanation of how the flood waters are travelling south