Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Obama: Live Press Conference

President Obama will host a live press conference today at 1:15p.m. [about one hour from time of publishing this post] - 8.15 pm Israeli time

He is expected to discuss the situation in Syria, concerns about Iran's disputed nuclear program and the U.S. economic situation.

Click here for link to listen live:


Moriah said...

What? More crippling sanctions? I'm sure those laying on dirty cots with infected bullet wounds will really appreciate Obama's wisdom and alacrity.

Moshe said...

I was disappointed that Obama did not talk about "red line" (to bomb Iran)then realized that my mind is limited like my sight. we can not see future what is behind his speech B'H" Geula shelema with Rahamim this year.

Moshe said...

Netanyahu's Amazing response to Obama's speech