Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Sacrifice of Yonatan - Toulouse Terror Attack - Torah Codes

Rabbi Jonathan Sandler HY"D, 30, and his two young sons, Gavriel, 3, and Aryeh, 6, were gunned down at the Ozar Hatorah School in the northeast of the city of Toulouse shortly after 8am local time. The fourth victim was Miriam Monsonego, 8, daughter of the school's head teacher.


Fangyu said...

No more spilling of Jewish blood,crush the anti-semites.

Tidbits of Torah said...

Devorah, everything but everything is in Torah. I often wondered about my goyish previous life and how it would be found in Torah codes with my name Zahava and son Yosef born in my old age.

I don't believe I want to know now. Too frightening. Though I would gladly die a kiddish HaShem.

Leah said...

Unbelievable. It makes me think, 'Am I doing all that I should be doing if Heaven forbid I were to die tomorrow?" Well, are we all doing what we should be doing? have we all accomplished what we want to? Are we on the right path?

avikraft said...

the moshiach is so close. If only every Jew would drop their alient leftist philosophies and running after false gods like yeshu and instead turn to the true word of G-D and the true non copereal omnipotent omniopotent G-D,then evil would be vanished and all the good people of the world would have paradise on earth

avikraft said...

the moshiach is so close and the earthly paradise will soon be established. the left is not building utopia rather a hell on earthh where the murder of little children is condoned The left are not bringing about tikun olam (fixing the world)they are destroying it. I beg every Jew who is infected with the lefts evil false doctrines to abandon this false god AND EMBRACE THE g-d of your fathers and return to his commandments and study of his torah. dont be decieved by missionaries into believibng in a mangod which is idol worship. the more Jews heed this message the faster the real utopia will be established on earth

TorahforToulouse said...

After the horrifying Toulouse Massacre that shocked the world earlier this year, senior students in Australia decided that they will not sit back and watch the victims slowly be forgotten. Instead, they initiated a project to ensure they will be remembered by the Jewish world forever. These students have decided the they want to donate a Sefer Torah to the Kotel in memory of the victims of the Toulouse shooting.

However, writing a Sefer Torah costs a lot of money. That’s, were we need you!

By going to our website , you have the ability to donate money to this project by either buying a letter in the Sefer Torah, buying an entire Parsha, or simply donating an amount of money of your choice. The money you donate will directly contribute to the writing of this special Sefer Torah.

Click the link below to view a video presentation launching this project.