Friday, March 30, 2012

Bombshell Betrayal: Obama Leaks Info to Thwart Israeli Attack

Source and much more at: Atlas Shrugs [HT: Moriah]

The Obama administration is leaking information to pressure Israel not to bomb Iran. Enemy in the White House. Not only is Obama an anti-semite, he is anti-American (anti-freedom.) His islamophiliac polcies compromises American security. Iran is clearly an American threat. They have been at war with us since '79. Israel was willing to do the heavy lifting because our reckless and feckless president was too weak, too compromised. But to betray an ally like this?

Senior US officials tell 'Foreign Policy' "Israelis have bought an airfield and the airfield is called Azerbaijan."

Is it any wonder that 20% of Americans think Obama is Muslim. But their fruits ye shall know him and so we know him.


Leah said...

There has just got to be some serious evil going on there, because no one, but no one could be this careless.....

Anonymous said...

This is HaShem making the timing his not mans, If Iran is to be stricken by Israel. However, the thing I keep thinking of is Obama honestly believes he has this election in the bag. I hope Americans realize they have "been had", and raise up with indignation and rational to destroy this evil that is looming over them like thick sludge. Its not just their president its their entire way of life is being stolen and raped by every council and judge in that country.
Sitting back and looking at it from afar Baruch HaShem I'm not there any more, is really amazing. Hearing, little bits of news from this town and that one about this new rule, or that new tax, or ordnance. Seeing D.C. taking more and more power, no one answers the phone, no one is accountable, no one righteous is making a stand. If they did would they be heard?. I remember growing up seeing my family work hard and achieving goals, obtaining material goods, but now so much has been taken. Will it ever be regained? America in this anonymous persons opinion, has fallen to a level of which can not be restored unless one thing happens and only HaShem will allow it. That is common Unity which the USA used to build its self in the beginning. I seriously doubt it happening again. I hope Israel learns as well, the current U.S. administration is not to be trusted. Also the Jewish people learn quickly unity of the Jewish People is also our only hope.
G-d Bless Israel and Remember Israel your people. Shalom we say, Let Shalom be for us in Israel,Amen.