Monday, August 3, 2015

The Trait of Arrogance

וְלֹא תָבִיא תוֹעֵבָה אֶל בֵּיתֶךָ 
Nor should you bring an abomination into your house [Eikev 7:26]

The verse teaches us, noted R' Levi Yitzchak of Berdichev, just how despicable the trait of arrogance truly is.  It is so abhorred that one is forbidden to even allow a haughty individual to enter his home.

We learn this from a verse in Mishlei: ''Every haughty heart is the abomination of Hashem'' [Mishlei 16:5]

We see, therefore, that a haughty individual is referred to as an ''abomination'', about which our verse explicitly states:  "And you must not bring an abomination into your home''.

Source: Rabbi Y. Bronstein


Neshama said...

First, how does one recognize a haughty person? Characteristics?
Second, i notice that this is the second time the use of the word 'abomination' is used. The first time is with the "pride" people. so, is it on the same level? are they comparable?

Goldie ZP said...

Neshama - here is the answer to your 1st question. The trait of haughtiness is considered one of the very worst characteristics that a person can have. Maimonides says that there is a place and time even for all bad traits -- with this one exception. There is no time when haughtiness and excessive pride are appropriate.

Anonymous said...

To know homosexuality is an abomination and then parade yourself around the holiest place on earth -- you have to ask if this is arrogant?

Devorah said...

Thanks Goldie, I was so tired yesterday I had no strength to type up a reply.