Wednesday, January 24, 2018

I'll Have What She's Having

Who is rich? He who is satisfied with his lot, as it is said: ‘When you eat the toil of your hands you are fortunate and it is good for you’ [Psalms 128:2]

Rabbi Mizrachi has a knack of stating things that should be so obvious to us, and yet we never realized it, or put it into words.  

In this shiur [39:30-41:00] he talks about the fact that people can be happy and comfortable with life, but get resentful and envious when they compare what they have with someone else.

We love our own home.... and yet when we get to go inside the house of a new friend and see what she has.... we think we want/need that.

It's a challenge to be content with your own lot when people around you seem to have so much more money and a better life. If this is your challenge, try becoming friends with people who have less than you do to help you appreciate what you have.

Everything is fine.... until you compare.

Don't compare.  Everyone has a different mission in life, and different needs.  Everyone has exactly what they need to complete their own mission.  Hashem doesn't make mistakes.


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