Friday, October 6, 2023

The Sun Yesterday Colorado


Wolf Creek Pass, Colorado October 5, 2023


Anonymous said...

R' Alon Anava (interesting):

Anonymous said...

Devorah this is happening now.. we need to daven right now. Post only if you think its important.

Pray for Israel now..


Anonymous said...

Currently, the official death count (on Israeli radio) is 600 (more than being reported in English) and expected, chalila, to rise. Many people are looking for their loved ones, there was a big party of young people in a field, and many of them are unaccounted for. As for the injured, currently at over 2000, and mind, when it is reported light or moderate injuries, that means that their vital organs are unharmed, but they have still suffered terrible and horrible injuries, these are not cuts and grazes. Hospitals are sending regular patients home prematurely in order to make space for the injured. And dozens kidnapped, including the elderly. And there are still terrorists at large, chalila.

My first thought when I heard the siren on Shabbat morning was that this is gog umagog. Be"D it should be over very, very soon, and we'll call it the One(and a half) Day War. Everyone is in shock, saying it's like the Yom Kippur War exactly 50 years ago, when men were being called up when they were in tefilla. All the reserves received tsav 8, emergency call up on Shabbat.

Everyone is asking how is it possible that there was such an egregious failure of military intelligence. All the technology and satellites in the world didn't help us. Literally only Hashem can.


Devorah said...

Hashem Yerachem, all the reservists are being called up, people outside of Israel are in fear for their sons and relatives fighting this war. We're all in this together, one big family.
The strangest thing for me is that people who have never supported Israel previously are coming out in support, no doubt due to the kidnapping of women and children by Hamas who have shown the world their true colors.

Devorah said...

Thanks LL, I will put that video on a new blog post.