Thursday, May 12, 2011

Moshiach's Revenge, bin Laden and the Two Pesachs

Hat tip: DK

If you watched the Bin Laden Torah Codes video, you may have wondered why the words  "cursed will be bin Laden, and the revenge will be to the Moshiach" were all encoded together in one long sentence.

The explanation is found in Lazer Beams' latest post :

".....the Zohar says that when Moshiach comes there will be 2 seven day Passovers - Pesach Mitzrayim, like we have now, and Pesach Moshiach, the Passover of Moshiach. Pesach Moshiach will start on the last day of our current Passover - Pesach Mitzrayim - and will celebrate the miracles involved in the coming of Moshiach. This is why the haftorah on the last day of Passover deals with Moshiach. Pharoah's final fall was on the last day of Passover. Bin Ladin was killed on the last day of this second Passover, the Passover of Moshiach..."


  1. sounds amazing and all but i'm pretty sure he was killed shabbat chol hamoed pesach because i read that post earlier and was wondering.... also i was trying to figure out why the words "cursed is bin laden, and the revenge will be to the moshiach" and thought two possibilities ones is that hes not really dead yet but moshiach will be revealed soon take revenge on osama and embarass obama by revealing more of his lies.... 2nd possibility is that some sort of mitzvah that moshiach did (meaning there was a certain level of unity throughout am yisrael) over pesach brought about the death of bin laden hence being moshiach's nikama and there is another possibility i can think of but it may be too early to tell and i'm sure there are even more answer's.... what do you think? the part about yishmael's sar being eliminated in Lazer Beam's latest post is very exciting actually when those birds were falling out of the sky i had understood that to be a sign of yishmael's downfall being that it says somewhere in the zohar that black birds i think ravens actually is a remez to yishmael and what was very interesting was just about a month after the birds were falling out of the sky the protests started in egypt then all of the other muslim countries followed, very interesting.....

  2. He was killed on 28 Nissan (Sunday). In Israel there are only 7 days of Pesach, 15-22 Nissan... so 28 Nissan would be [as Rabbi Brody wrote] "Bin Ladin was killed on last day of this second Passover, the Passover of Moshiach"

  3. Is it possible that bin Laden represented the public face of Yishmael and the rest of the Muslim world is the body? "...revenge 'will be' to the moshiach." "Will be" is in future tense. Seal Team 6 destroyed the public face of Yishmael and in the future moshiach will deal the final blow to the body - makeh b'patish?

  4. wow your'e right that's funny because when i heard the news they reported he was killed two weeks earlier and they were just confirming it to the public after dna tests and the such but either way it's great news and 28th of nissan was the 13th (numerical value of Echad-One) day of the omer the night of Yesod shb'gvurah which is theoretically i'm thinking the yosef hatzadik in yitzchok avinu's middah (yitzchak being ketz chai when the letters are moved around)bringing about some sort of revelation of maybe moshiach ben yosef.... yishmael being the nation kineged the middah of yesod just on the side of tummah basically when we rectify yesod we destroy yishmael....