Wednesday, May 8, 2024

The Hypocrisy of the World

In the history of the world, has there ever been a war where a country has warned the other side where they are going to bomb, so that people could get out of the way and move somewhere safe ?


Israel is the only country that has ever tried to protect innocent civilians and warned them in advance.

Just as Rav Ron Chaya said : did Russia warn the Ukrainians where they are going to send their missiles? Is the world attacking Russians because of the thousands of Ukrainians killed and displaced? 

Of course not, the world is just attacking Israel and the Jews!  

Have a look at this short video and see the reality for yourself.  


Anonymous said...

One of many signs that Moshiach is imminent and definitely coming this year.


Anonymous said...

A very important article. We should all send this to the anti Israel media channels and decision makers .

Ron (not Chaya)

Anonymous said...

To be honest, at this point in history I think that even if the world will be made aware of its hypocrisy, it won't make any change. We are dealing with more than hypocrisy. The hate is irrational, it's pure evil and it's all over the world. That's one of the reasons I believe we are somewhere very close to the end of this world and very very close to the time of our geulah. ..

Ron (not Chaya)

Devorah said...

Also remember the Satan is dying as Rabbi Kessin has told us repeatedly.
These are the frantic last gasps of the Satan and he's going all out, he's summoned all his followers, and they are programmed to do what they are doing.

Just watch all the lies play out in front of us, on TV, on the internet, wherever you go... the world of lies is about to disappear forever and the Satan is desperate.

Anonymous said...

And very exciting times that we are literally about to enter into yemos hamoshiach! A time where we will know of no hatred, immorality, illness, pain, and suffering of any kind. A time
when every Jew can be completely focused on getting closer to Hashem without any distractions at all! Everyone should be ready to greet Moshiach Tzidkeinu at any moment!


Devorah said...

The transcrition from Rabbi Kessin's latest shiur The Might of G-d at the End of Time is applicable to what we are saying here, if you haven't heard or read it,

click here

Anonymous said...

I can't find the transcription of the shiur. Please post the URL


Anonymous said...

I can’t log in to Blogger comments from where I am - just go to and you’ll find it there - Devorah

Anonymous said...

Well if I am not mistaken, in Torah it is written that this is exactly how it will be in the last days of the world, and the coming of Mashiach, who will B'H, bring in the New World Order,
and um not the new world order of ... like those at WEF and UN.. etc;

New World with Peace and Blessings of Hashem, where Hashem will be sole Ruler, King over all.

So it comes as no surprise to me.

Just doing my best to change my bad spots in me, and looking to Hashem, praying He gives all who really believe in the One and ONLY Gd. amein, i await too with all you chosen.

Correct me please if any of my thinkings are wrong. Thank you.

a noahide

LondonMale said...

The Reb Kessin shiurs can be found here:

Anonymous said...

To noahide: You are 100% Correct!
If everyone in the world would think like you.
we would have our righteous New World in a flash where every soul will know there is only Hashem, Ain Od Milvado!
We pray for our righteous Moshiach's arrival very soon - may it be!

Anonymous said...

As Russia attacked Ukraine, and Hamas attacked Israel, it would be more apropos to ask if the world is crying for the hundreds of thousands Russian teenage 'child' conscripts that Ukraine has killed. They were just teenagers probably engaged in youthful nonsense and were forced into war. Arabs in Gaza otoh were baying for Jewish blood. And only Arabs get to be called children into their twenties and thirties. Not just in Aza, in the UK too. They go to school with 15 year olds. The eternal Arab 'child'.