Friday, May 18, 2012

Seven Stars on the North and 60 days

I have updated this post as some new information has been passed on to me from Dov bar Leib, which is actually very exciting:

The seven stars on the North side, as mentioned below, ARE the Pleiades - they are actually known as the Seven Sisters in Greek mythology because it is composed primarily of seven bright stars in a very large nebula which can be seen as a Messier object called M45 by Astronomers. The key point being that the Pleiades highlights 7 stars.....

.. when a star on the East side will swallow seven stars on the North side, and a flame of black fire will be hanging in the firmament 60 days..... [Zohar]

[The star on the East side would be the Sun itself]........ It is hard to keep up with the plethora of gods and goddesses from Greek mythology, but one thing that sticks out with regards to the Seven Sisters is that they are the nursemaids to Dionysus, the god of drunkenness and the grape harvest. The Sin of the Spies was during the grape harvest in Eretz Yisrael, but the spies were dispatched on the last day of Sivan, not at its molad, which is this coming solar eclipse in the Ring of Fire. [Source: Dov bar Leib]

May 20 [Yom Yerushalayim] will see the alignment of the earth, moon, sun and the Pleiades - as well as an Annular Solar Eclipse  [see video]

You can read more about this eventful date, and the Mayan Messiah Theory at: Venus Transit and the Star of Moshiach

60 days after this brings us to erev Rosh Chodesh Av - July 19.
July 20 is when Obama's Presidency reaches it's three-and-a-half-year mark: which could refer to Sefer Daniel [where President Obama is hinted to] - see ''time and times and a half of time'' for more on this.

And as Devash just blogged: Sixty days after Shavuot, the London Olympics will begin.

It's just speculation on my part ...... we'll have to wait and see.


  1. It is late here and I am glad that I looked again at your site, Devorah. I see that you have updated. Good on this because I could not figure out the "7" in this.
    I will look at this more tomorrow. Thanks for the update. Very interesting...

  2. Didn't you post a blog about the sun doing a possible polar shift on this day as well?

  3. I should also point out for the astronomically inclined that The Seven Sisters are approximately at 24 degrees north declination, 24 degrees above, north of, the celestial equator. So they definitely are in the north. Also this solar eclipse is almost exclusively a solar eclipse in the Northern Hemisphere.

  4. Rabbi Leib, please, please tell me what you feel is happening, So much at one time, what does it all mean ?

  5. Does in rabbinic astronomy Sun is referred as star ?

  6. Of course Chazal knew that the sun was star. and they knew that all the stars were suns in their own right. It is why the time between sunset and the appearance of the stars is called "bain haShmashot" which means between the suns. So they knew that the stars were suns.

    Secondly, what this all seems to mean is that this is definitely the event in year 72 1/2 that the Zohar is referring to. It is an astronomical event of the alignment of the moon in front of the sun which in turn is in front of the Seven Sisters, the Pleiades. Yet, it has practical significance. The star on the east might be a reference to Persia which is to the east of Eretz Yisrael. The 7 stars are a reference to the 7 economically powerful nations that are meeting at Camp David this weekend. In the mid 90s, Russia was added for geopolitical reasons so that the Russians would be joiners instead of being isolated and therefore prone to cause trouble. So here is the latest news from Camp David to confirm all this. Remember what used to be called the G-7 is now the G-8:

    Notice that the 7 economic powers all have one thing in common: the color red on their flags meaning that those 7 nations (USA, Canada, Great Britain, France, Germany, Italy, and Japan) all are linked by Edom with Japhetic (bnai Japheth) followers. So this event in some way represents a subsuming of the 7 Edomite economic powers + Russia (who is totally allied with Persia) to the interests of Persia in the world.

    On a deeper level, there are two very important things going on. Matan Torah was in the desert and was the highlight of the Redemption from Egypt. On Shivah Asar b'Tamuz we were supposed to receive the Luchot HaBrit, and on Tisha B'Av that first year we were supposed to enter Eretz Yisrael. But two things went dreadfully wrong. 1. the Erev Rav forced Aharon to make the Golden Calf so that we could be like all the other nations of the world. Klal Yisrael with the exception of about 3000 Bnai Yisrael, actually thought that G-d Himself would dwell between the horns of the calf, and by doing so would make Israel's utopian vision for Mankind to be prosperity since it is the adult calf that pulls the plow and makes us all prosperous. Now this was a huge error but was not outright avodah zarah but delayed entering Eretz Yisrael to the following year 2449. But the intent of the Erev Rav was to help us to "melt" into the other nations of the world by being like them. The root of the last avodah zarah of the Jewish people is that we should worship a god called "World Public Opinion". This avodah zarah was created on the 17th of Tamuz 2448 by the Erev Rav and will be destroyed on the 17th of Tamuz 5772 and 5773. The subsuming of Noga (Venus) in the rare Venus transit on the 16th of Siwan will contribute mightily to this process since Noga is the final klipah of the Erev Rav. Or at least it represents the crash in Shamayim of the power of Klipah Noga because Noga was meant to rule for 64 years, (Gematriah of Noga is 64.) continued...

    1. Why Klipah Noga - Venus is evil? Edom-Roman empire originated in city of Petra, Jordan?

    2. Response from Dov Bar Leib: Here is a discussion of the four klipot including klipah noga:

    3. Obama will be in office 1260 days or 3.5 years on July 4 2012 and that is when Elijah shows up...Hope you recognize him..most won't because he is famous for not being reocognized

    4. 1260 days is technically 3.5 years, you're right. How interesting that it will be on the fourth of July.

    5. Elijah will come first on the 4th of July 2012 and will announce that Moshiach is coming. Elijah has to warn the U.S of their coming destruction because they have turned away from G-D . If Isreal could accept that they are Adam and,that Eve is the Gentile(Christian)...Isreal had Aaron and Moses, and Eve will have Elijah and Moshiach...they could understand that Eves Feast days are the important ones for the coming of Elijah and The month of AV is in July ...that is why it will seem unholy to the Jewish people When you see a man addressing the nation of the United States on the 4th of July 2012 listen to what he says it will be very important because G-D has set the stage for this man. When you see him you will doubt that it is Elijah but that is how Elijah appears. It will be same day as Obama 1260 days or 3.5 years in office. You have been told before hand.

  7. 2. In the year 2449 when we were supposed to finally enter Eretz Yisrael after our hiccup, the Golden Calf, another group of wayward folk lead us astray. In this case it was from the tribes themselves, not from the Erev Rav. They wanted to continue to study Torah in the desert in part because the Shekhinah was with us and provided all of our needs. Who wanted or needed to rough it in Eretz Yisrael when everything was provided in the Diaspora, in this case by G-d Himself. At the End of Days we still have such folk with us as in the 111th generation after Sinai has to undergo the same tests. (This is counting 30 years between generations even though a single generation unto itself is 40 years. It is 30 years between generations because the average age of childbearing is at age 30 for women where they have half their children before 30 and half after 30 years.) So 3300 years after Matan Torah was the Gregorian year 1988 (5748). The 30 year cycle after 1988 is therefore a retest of our Primordial sins: the Golden Calf and the Sin of the Spies. The Gematriah of the word Aleph, which means one, is really 111. So the 111th generation is the redo of the Dor HaMidbar. (This is all in my lecture notes from Rav Matisyahu Glazierson from 1984 when I was learning at Dvar Yerushalayim. If anyone ever wants to see my lecture notes, I will gladly show them to you.)

    So in this generation we have the Erev Rav that was described above and here we have another group of troublemakers called the Erev Ze'ir. They are very different than the Erev Rav. They do not want to be like the other nations of the world. They simply want to learn Torah in the Diaspora where they think that the Shekhinah will dwell with them as long as they are there, or they want to divey up parts of Eretz Yisral so that the nations of the world won't bother us or shoot missiles at us for the same reason to learn Torah without Geulah. And what is the main feature of the Geulah do both the Erev Rav and the Erev Ze'ir have in common? that Eretz Yisrael can be diveyed up so that a) the world will love us and then we will have peace and quiet or b) that learning Torah is a desert outside EY is preferable to living inside Eretz Yisrael with a lower standard of living, so they the Erev Ze'ir think. This has blocked the full Geulah process since 2448 and 2449 when the first three months of the year were so promising (Nisan, Iyar, and Siwan), but the next two months were catastrophic (Tamuz and Av). So the Geulah was divided. The Geulah from Egypt was with the Yud and the Key in HaShem's Name. And the final Geulah would be with the Vav and the Final Hey in His Name.

    So the Zohar on page VaYeira 119 says that the Final Redemption would begin with the mystic force of the letter Vav in HaShem's Name. And that Mashiach could not come b'itah until the year 5666 (1906), 2/3rds of the way through the 6th Millennium on the last day of Pesach. That was the earliest that Mashiach could come b'itah. In honor of that occasion the Rebbe Reshab of Lubavitch launched two projects at that time 1. and entire year of Sichot called the Samech Vav sichot 2. Seudat HaMashiach which was for the first time celebrated on the last day of Pesach 5666. continued.

  8. Then this page of the Zohar introduces a concept called the threshold of the 6th Millennium. Now one might think that that year was 5666, but it is not. It is the first century mark after that year, 5700. In order to know why, please ask Rav Glazierson or someone else that has been talking about this process for at least 30 years like he has. I don't have it in my lecture notes, but it is assumed that the year 5700 is the threshold year in this particular page of the Zohar. By the way, I forgot to mention that the verse that is being analyzed is from this week's parsha that was just completed: "I will remember my covenant with Ya'akov, and my covenant with Yitzchak, and my covenant with Avraham I will remember, and the Land will I remember." This is important because this is the only pasuk in the entire written Torah (5 Books of Moses) where Ya'akov's Name is spelled with a Vav. So this entire page of the Zohar is seeking to explain why. Then the Zohar continues: 60 years after crossing the threshold of the 6th Millennium there will be a pequidah of the daughter of Ya'akov. Now for a tzaddik a peqidah is pretty good since he has no liabilities. So Sarah was remembered with a peqidah on Rosh HaShana before Yitzchak was born. But for all us bainonim, peqidah takes into account assets and liabilities, and requires a final tikkun for all the neshamot that were here in Eretz Yisrael at the time of this peqidah taking into account all previous gilgulim too. So in the year 5760 on the last two days of the year the Al Aksa Intifada began, meaning that the peqidah was on the previous Rosh HaShana 5760. On Erev Rosh HaShana, just before 5761, Jews were already being injured by rocks being thrown over the Western Wall from the Temple Mount. Then this page of the Zohar says to wait 6 1/2 years (in honor of the Vav in the name Ya'akov and because zechirah is usually associated with Nisan and not Tishrei), and in the year 5766 1/2 there would be a full zechirah of the daughter of Ya'akov. So what happened at that time was amazing. Sharon had already evacuated Gush Katif with his number two man Olmert. After Sharon's (the foolish Shepherd from Zech. 11 and 13), Olmert planned to do the same thing to Judea and Samaria that his predecessor had done to Gaza, except that Olmert called it hitkansut (let's all get together) instead of hitnatkut (disengagement). It sounded so much nicer, didn't it? Yet, on the 16th of Tamuz the war began, and on the 17th of Tamuz Hezbollah started to bomb the Galilee with a massive bombardment. Red Haifa was pummeled for slightly over 30 days. After the war all of Olmert's plans were thrown out the window, and all further unilateral demolitions of established and accepted yishuvim ceased. That was the miracle of the year 5766 1/2. But the Zohar says something slightly different. It goes on to say the following: Then another 6 years will elapse, a second Vav number of years, making altogether 72 1/2 years. In the year 66 Mashiach (ben Yosef) will appear in the Galilee. Well, keep in mind that what happened in 5766 was the ending of all unilateral disengagements from the rest of Yesha because of the bombing of the Galilee. To understand this you have to understand that we are at an extremely low level spiritually. The Erev Rav and Erev Ze'ir have a tremendous hold on the Jewish people throughout the world. So for that reason alone, the Holy Zohar says that one 6 year cycle would not be enough. We would have to wait a 2nd six year cycle until 5772 1/2. Then comes the humdinger pasuk. continued....

  9. A star in the east will swallow seven stars in the north, and a flame of black fire will hang in the rakia for 60 days. So this is it. We finally have arrived. So the question is since this coming solar eclipse for the molad of Siwan is the event that triggers the black fire, does the black fire itself begin on the 29th of Iyar and end on Rosh Chodesh Av. Or does it begin on Isru Chag, the day after, Shavuot and end on the day before Tisha B'Av. It could go either way. Keep in mind the purpose. It is to begin the completion of the Final Redemption process by attaching the Vav in HaShem's Name to the Yud and the Hey from the First Redemption. In order to do this, the happy and rising times from Nisan through Shavuot have to be attached to the consequences of the 17th of Tamuz and Tisha B'Av at their root. This way by the end of this summer, the Yud Key Vav will all be attached together which is an integral part of the Final Redemption process. bringing Jews collectively to finally realize 1. World Public Opinion is meaningless to the idea of coming close to G-d, which trumps all of our silly pre-conceived notions about constantly worrying about what others might think about us before we do the right thing in G-d's eyes. 2. The only way to collectively complete our service to G-d in this world is to do it from Eretz Yisrael. no more pretending that we G-d is going to remain in the Diaspora with us forever and ever. The Diaspora concept by Tisha B'Av this year will come to a close. There will be 6 million Jews here in Eretz Yisrael to witness the Final Redemption. And they will be here before school begins in the Fall. So come now, and be a part of the action as the G-7 nations go plop, down whatever spiritual of financial sewer they eventually end up in. Yes, Persia is on the rise. but do not fear, from this set of circumstances not only will we have Mashiach ben Yosef within the next few months, but it is the West and the Persians who will duke it out in the Shmittah year 5775, and Eretz Yisrael will only be saved by more and more miracles. Please come now if you can. continued...

  10. There is a vort that is from the Sefas Emes that the Rabbinic festivals are lunar reflections of the three pilgrimage festivals that are compared to the sun. So we see that Purim is exactly 30 days prior to Pesach and that Chanukah is exactly 60 days after Isru Chag of Sukkot. So it is brought down that at the End of Days there will be a lunar reflection of Shavuot too. Now for this we have to understand that Ezekiel's vision of the dry bones is such that there are two "thus saith the L-rds" and therefore two prophesies in one. The first is is on the Atzamot to gather up and flesh to attach and to stand up an entire population of Israel (whether that be 600,000 or 6 million is open to debate.) So there were 600,000 people in Eretz Yisrael at the founding of the State of Israel in 5708, the beginning of the physical redemption, and the date was the 5th of Iyar, exactly 30 days prior to Shavuot, and even the words Atzamot (bones) and Atzmaut (Independence) are virtually the same. Yet, there is a 2nd "thus saith the L-rd", this time on the four winds, the spiritual part of the Final Redemption. Now it just so happens that exactly 60 days after Isru Chag of Shavuot is the day before Tisha B'Av, and since Tisha B'Av falls on Shabbat this year in effect pushing off the fast, we are talking about a monumental event the day before Tisha B'Av. just passing this along. So the 60 days of black fire (the immanent presence of G-d) could either start on the 29th of Iyar and end on Rosh Chodesh Av or can begin on Isru Chag of Shavuot and end on the day before Tisha B'Av. I lean toward the latter because it connects receiving the Torah in the midbar and coming to Eretz Yisrael within 60 days which was the original game plan anyway in 2448. And then we shall see what miracles can be wrought for 6 million Jews in Eretz Yisrael. But this is so clearly where we are headed with G-d's help. The pre-equisite to the 60 days of black fire is the lunar eclipse where the sun is in alignment with the Pleiades.

    1. Wow! That's amazing stuff, thanks.

      The Zohar quote goes on to talke about two kings falling.... ''and wars will be awakened in the world on the North side, and two kings will fall in these wars, and the entire world will come together against Bas Yaakov [the Jewish nation] to push her from the world. ''

      I wonder who the two kings are?

  11. I wonder too. They will likely be two Edomite kings since Sefer Daniel established the tradition that the leader of the North was from Edom and the leader of the south was from Yishmael. Are two of these kings 2 of the 7 nations amongst the G-7 Group of Seven? possibly. The coming together of the entire world against the daughter of Ya'akov will obviously be lead by the half Xtian, half Muslim 11th horn dude. Let us think for about two seconds who that might be. And then there will likely be a massive international conference run by him trying to figure out how to divide Jerusalem and create a Palestinian State, even bigger than Gog ben Gog's international conference in the Fall of 2007 (Annapolis the root being nofel which means to fall), and America has been falling ever since. The 11th horn dude will wait until 5773 after his re-election to announce the conference. And then we should have some fire and brimstone action on whatever city that is called to host it in 5773, also on the same page of the Zohar. Yet, who these two kings are are anyone's guess. One of them might be Italy since it is a G-7 nation that is already on the brink. The other obvious candidate might be Spain who was far worse to Jews historically than the Italians were. But these are just educated guesses. First the 60 days of Black Fire, and then we shall see what the world looks like in Av. I sense that it will be a very different place than it is right now at the end of Iyar.

    1. Is it possible that the two kings falling is referring to a false flag event meant to frame Israel in such a way that it would even turn the US public against Israel / Jews (as well as to prevent Israel from attacking Iran)?

    2. Yes, your point seems to be in the flow of the order of the various events in the Zohar. First comes the eclipse of the sun and the Pleiades, then 60 days of the "immanent presence of the Shekhinah" and maybe even some other black fire manifestation, then comes the war where 2 kings fall, then the gathering of the entire world against Israel including so called friends. Then a major conference on what to do about us in 5773 which is hit by fire, hail, and meteors from Heaven.

    3. It is either that or some event that ends up validating the Jewish Redemptive Vision.

  12. Could the two Edomite kings be US and France (or Germany under new leadership)?

    1. It likely that Obama remains with us until Mashiach ben David, until the rule of the Umot HaOlam is complete. Obama is neither just Edom or just Yishmael. He is a blend of the two and therefore will not fall with the arrival of Mashiach ben Ephraim. This solar eclipse was an annular eclipse so that the rule of the Umot HaOlam was not completely blocked out since the moon was surrounded by a ring of fire. Yet, this event of a war in the north where two kings fall is after the 60 days. So it cannot be referring to Sarkozy since he fell through the electoral process. I firmly believe that we will be living in an entirely different world after the 60 days which seems to be possibly ending on the day before Tisha B'Av. At that time we will be able to clearly assess what that war is and who falls.

  13. 1) Was the recent asifa in New York a Kiddush Hashem, and is it hinted at in the Zohar?
    2) There was a tragedy in Eretz Yisroel of a charedi family that died in a horrible fiery car crash-all were killed except one little girl......This happened on Rosh Chodesh Sivan. IS there a specific message to Klal Yisroel that one can gain from the Zohar? Perhaps the stars and fire consuming is referring to them?

  14. You mentioned that the war btwn the West and the Persians will be during the Shmittah year 5775.. I have been wondering if the by then the laws of Shmittah will be d'oritah considering the probability that the majority of Jews will be in Israel. If so the level of kedushah will indeed increase and I learned that the levels of kedushah and tumah have an equal amplitude. For example, when we lost prophesy it was because the teivah for avodah zara (i.e. the intensity to worship trees and stone etc.) was basically abolished and therefore the levels were maintained at an equal amplitude. In the instance of the level of kedusha referring to the laws of Shmitta, when they are obligatory d'oritah, would bring on kedushah more intensely and the result would be that tumah would become more intense. What would concern me is that the higher level of kedushah is by default. Its not that we earned ithis kedusha out of merit but by merely having the majority of Jews living here. On what merit do we have protection? What do you think about these thoughts?

  15. I cannot speak for the Asifa. I was not there. I hope that a lot more was discussed than not having any exposure to the Internet, outside of a parnassah necessity, under threat of losing one's Olam HaBa if they expose themselves or their children to the Internet except in a work situation. It would be a tragedy if that was the main issue of the Asifa. I have come to the conclusion that the main issue for many American Jews for not making Aliyah is not just parnassah. It is basements. In America almost everyone has a basement to sock away so much excess gashmiyut. In Eretz Yisrael, very few people have basements even in stand alone homes or duplexes. Yes, the subject of moving to Eretz Yisrael should be a main focus right now in NYCity especially now that homosexual unions have now been sanctified by state certificates and that a lesbian who just married her girlfriend in a very lavish and gay ceremony, Christine Quinn, has a very good chance of becoming the next Mayor of NYCity. Please for G-d's sake, can't you see that there is a problem by remaining there? Yes, I know about the horrible tragedy in Tiverya. Baruch Dayan Emeth, and on matters such as these dealing with individual families, I have no comment accept words of comfort.

    Yes, when we cross over 6 million and get closer to 7 million it is likely because of massive assimilation in Chutz LaAretz we will not only have more than 6 million Jews here, but we will also have Rov Yehudim (majority of the Jews in the world) here in Eretz Yisrael. The halakhic consequences are monumental. All mitzvot that are dependent on Eretz Yisrael including Shmittah, Terumot, and Ma'aserot which are Rabinically obligatory right now will switch over to being obligated by the Torah. So by the 6th year, 5774, there will be Kolot as in Kol mevaser mevaser v'omer, three times. This is the voice of prophesy starting with Eliyahu HaNavi. Likely this can only happen when Rov Yehudim are already in Eretz Yisrael. Then comes the war in the Shmittah year, the big final war after Persia has already come up against the West (Rome) in three consecutive years. In the 7th year Persia expands its gains over the course of the entire year. Medrash Sefer Eliyahu then says 3 kings will come up from the West, etc.... And at this time Shmittah will already be a Torah obligation, not just a Rabbinic obligation. So what is our merit now? Because of our abominable behavior in the area of common decency in 5765 (2005) by both the Erev Rav and the Erev Ze'ir, it is the merit of the 6 million who perished after being chased in 7 different directions over 1876 years from the destruction of the Temple until the end of the Shoah. Gilgulim, seven times over for each sefirah of the nefesh beheimah. It is why that all that was left at the end of the Shoah was Dry Bones. And Yechezkel prophesied on them dry bones so that those bones might live. All that suffering and all that wailing from the Ocean of Tears in Shamayim. That is our merit now.

  16. BS"D

    The timeline is correct, and the time is now. Moshiach ben Yosef is here. By the way, do you know what is one of the important differences between MBD and MBY? Yosef was the one that had revealed himself saying "Ani Yosef..." Revelation of the Infinite within the finite creation has to be (first) done from within creation, within the delineation and constriction of time and space, only then the miraculous dimension of Moshiach ben Dovid will be revealed. Much more on this over the next 60 days.

    Moshiach Now!

  17. Shabbat Shalom and Chag Sameach. As far as the 1260 days is concerned: That number is 360 times 3.5. There are actually 365.2425 days in a solar year. So exactly 3.5 solar years is about July 22nd or July 23rd? Also Sefer Daniel makes a big deal about 1290 days not 1260 days. So the 1260 days calculation does not seem to have real significance. The July 4th, 1776 date is significant because July 4th, 1776 was the 17th of Tamuz 5536, 236 years ago. The gematriah of dollar is 240 which is also the gematriah of Amalek. 240 years will have passed in the year after the Sabbatical year 5776. So if America is going to fall it would be more associated with the 17th of Tamuz, the date of the Golden Calf, not the Gregorian date, July 4th. just some thoughts. Shabbat Shalom and Good Yom Tov.

  18. 1. On the third Moon (Sivan), on the 4th day of the moon, at 9 hours and a half, the members of the academy will gather to the grave of Reya Meiemna and 3 sounds will rise
    2. At the time that the Sun ascends from the world, the grave will open, and the members of the academy will look in to see, but they have no permission, so they will return to their places.
    3. And She will rise, and from Her will go out what will go out
    4. And we will see Moshe come and a lamp illuminating from him, and many smells and incenses will encompass him.
    5. Whenb they see him rise, they will connect one with one, and a sound will rise in the sky of Rome, and Kudsha Brich Hu will Hear, and raise them to the chamber of love, and give take three loves, and open the cave.
    6. As Moshiach will be revealed on that night. And he will be revealed to them, and they will be adorned with the mysteries of the Torah, that entire night, in the cave of Moshe.
    7. And when the column of dawn comes, Moshiach will be concealed, and Moshe and the Shechina will remain on that day, the day of Shavuot.
    8. And the Shechina will rise to that mountain, and three sounds will be hear, one to receive Avraham, one to receive Yitzchak and one to receive Moshe and Yacov. And these are three Trua Tkeiya Trua of the Shofar.
    9. The small Shofar, since there is also a large Shofar.
    10. The small one is on the day of Shavuot.
    11. When that Shofar is awaken, awaken in Trua Tkiya and Trua, the Fathers will be awaken from their cave, and rise in a storm and come to us.
    12. And from that sound…the prayers of Israel in every place, rising before the Holy King.
    13. And the fathers will go out as one, and will be in that mountain, and Moshe rises among them, and he will look at the fathers and they at him, and they will all rise to the cave of Moshe.
    14. And Moshiach will be awaken to them, and that will all unite as one on that day.
    15. On that day, the 109 tribes will awaken, to fight battles on the 4 corners of the world (Ketoret), with the oil of Moshiach that will be anointed on them, and Moshiach will be received by one righteous cohen, and 7 faithful shepherds with them.
    16. And this Moshiach is from the tribe of Efraim, and from the seed of Yeravam ben Nevat…
    17. Once the fathers wil know that Hashem pakad his nation, in the land of the north, the kingship of Yemen, how many will rise on the people of Israel, and their prayer will be accepted, and the shechinah will come to its home, and Moshiach with her and the fathers to their cave.
    18. Shechina will rise to Moshe, 70 days, at the end of 70 days Hashem gathers all that hate Israel to the south side and it will be destroyed.
    19. In 70 years in the 6yth millennium, he will be born and rule the entire world
    20. At the end of the 9 months, when Kudsha Brich Hu will awaken that Moshiach, and take him out of Gan Eden. On that day when he rises, the whole world will shake, and the people will think that they died.
    21. And on that day it is written…veasaf Nidchei Israel, unefutzos Yehuda yekabetz… this on 60 years in the 6th millennium.
    22. Why does this Zohar section end with this seemingly out of place statement that this will happen “in the year 60”, after discussing the year 70. This is to hint that:
    a. The orders in this section are not necessarily in exact sequence but rather “highlights” from events in a 12.5 year process
    b. The process begins in the year 60 as in Zohar I 119A, with a critical point reached in the year 70. In fact, the events culminating with the climax of the revelation of Moshiach ben Yosef are (as we see now) taking place in the year 72, with the end very near…. Moshiach Now!

  19. Everybody talks about America, MBD will rise in America B'H" and gather all Jews very very soon. 345

  20. BS"D

    The Gra was MBY, and the Alter Rebbe MBD. The rift between the scholars of Vilna and the chossidim (specifically the 7 Nesiim of Chabad all of which direct descendants of King Dovid) is the rift between Efraim and Yehuda. MBY will come from the Litvaks, but only with the Torah of the Rebbe.

    He will be a baal teshuva, which means he comes from the Left Side, through Din. But empowered with the Torah of MBD, the Torah of Geulah. Then MBD will rise from the ohel to ....

    More to come...