Thursday, February 18, 2016

Moshiach's Arrival: How Do We Know It's Imminent

I ''accidentally'' stumbled upon this shiur, while I was looking for something else.  It is one of the best shiurim I've heard.   It was given a couple of years ago, but is timeless - absolutely brilliant

Rabbi Shimon Kessin speaking at KSY, Kehillas Shivtei Yeshurun, in Ramat Beit Shemesh, Israel in 2013.



smb said...

It's a good point, we need unity to receive the Geula

We can each make a difference, work on middos, shemiras haloshon etc.

May we have unity and the geula soon

My1ambition said...

Working on middos and shmiras halashon are both wonderful, but we also have to reach out to fellow Jews with love. To love each and every Jew just as we love ourselves because we are all part of one heart, one soul - K'ish Echad, B'Leiv Echad. We need to be ready to stand up and defend even the remotest Jew since we will all leave Golus together!
"ואתם תלוקטו אחד אחד" "לא ידח ממנו נדח"

Anonymous said...

My1ambition, that is the way to go.

But what about us Noahides and good 'goyim'?

Dodeca said...

Hi Anonymous
The Geula is for the whole world, not only Jews. Hashem is participating with His Jews to awaken the world to Torah. Noahides are also part of the plan. They recognise the Master of the Universe as the only life force there is.

Anonymous said...

sc - the Noahides will also be saved, but going home to Yisrael will be for the Jews. The righteous of the nations will be in their rightful homes. The world will then be considered as Eretz Yisrael and all of EretzYisrael will be considered as Yerushalayim. It will be a good that we cannot even comprehend at this time.

annie said...

When you "leave" Golus... is that actually "leaving" all parts of the world to gather into one Place/Israel as One Body/Jews?

And as Anonymous above asked, is that also for us noahides as well, or ???? what will become of us during this change?

Anonymous said...

For all you who took time to reply, Thank you.

But i want to see the Holy land. I have been trying for long, but perhaps soon. Getting old is one problem. But i do want to go and see it.
Does it mean, that the rest of non Jews, like if we want to go, we will not be allowed? Like when Moshiach comes, (may it happen soon, Amen)

i do not mean to sound confusing, but Mashiach will be for all, i think ?...
I already follow the Torah of Hashem.
But i also want to be there in Eretz Israel, perhaps Hashem will allow it...??
I hope..
May Mashiach come soon, on my part i am trying to change and be the best i can.
It is not nice reading and hearing of how innocent Jews are being killed in Israel, and what boggles my mind is that its THEIR.. The JEWS.. its their land, and all this nonsense going on.
Breaks the heart.

Shabbat Shalom... and may it really be Shalom... Amen.

Anonymous said...

It's like what the comment above states - all Jews will be living in the Land of Israel and the righteous of the nations will live in their homelands. Once a year on Sukkoth, the nations will come up to Jerusalem to make pilgrimage and pay homage to the G-D of Israel, the G-D of Creation. Visiting Israel, of course, any time.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Anon at 1.13 p.m
This has made me smile..:)
Visit Israel any time... that is good... very good :)

Hashem bless all of Am Israel, and all good people everywhere.

I am happy, even when sad, does not make too much sense, but reading about that young Papa, killed/murdered while shopping for Shabbat in Eretz Israel..makes one sad and angry.

May Hashem soon destroy these despicable evil in the form of human beings.
Amen and Amen.

Devorah, Hashem bless you and yours.
Thank you for your blog, and for the learning we get ..
Very special you are.


GoldieZP said...

Devorah! Devorah! What a shiur. I put the video right underneath the pic of the world religion summit.
Amazing - so clear - shiur! wow thank you again!

Anonymous said...

Being a bit deaf, i had to wait till i got head phones to hear this shuir that you posted Devorah.
This i have to hear again.

You say you 'accidentally' found it while searching for something else. One thing i have learned from listening to Rabbis, is.. that there is no such thing as 'accidents'. This i truly have come to believe. Everything is ordained by Hashem. Hashem saw how we at this time, needed to hear this shuir by this good Rabbi, and so Hashem led you to this shuir.
How Great Hashem is!!

i will hear it again.

But for now, i feel like i can relax spiritually, and not worry, for all is in Hashems control.
The Chosen ARE waking up... others are coming awake, but it will all come together.
Thank you again Devorah.
Thank you RabbiKessin.
Most of all.. Thank Y-u Hashem.
Now we all have to work just a bit harder and Mashiach will be here to fix all up once and for all.
Hashem bless you all.


devora said...

A beautiful tehillim yachad- All of Klay Yisrael can say tehillim together... I find it so inspiring that so many books have been read by so much of Klal Yisrael. This gives me inspiration!!!! Please pass this on

Shimshon said...

So incredible I watched it twice.

I have an opinion, based on my own observations, that a great source, if not the single greatest source, of sinas chinam today, is the marital strife between husband and wife in countless Jewish homes.

Gibbo said...

Rabbi Kessin is incredible. We have had him home a number of times as well as his twin brother Rabbi Mendle Kessin who is also a trmendous speaker. They opens your eyes to new perspectives and gives Torah a fresh perspective. Amazing wonderful people.