Monday, January 23, 2017

Overcoming Obstacles

Always remember: You are never given an obstacle you cannot overcome. [Rebbe Nachman of Breslov]

The Rebbe Maharash innovated the concept of "L'chatchila ariber".  The approach of l'chatchila Ariber teaches that if we come upon an obstacle to a task we are involved in, or an obstacle to a mitzva or project or good deed which comes our way (or we pursue), we should overcome the obstacle in the most direct manner. The Rebbe Maharash explained that while some people propose that when confronted with an obstacle the best route is to go around, or under it -- and the Rebbe Maharash says: "And I say one has to go l'chatchila ariber [from the start, go over it]."


When You Carry Valuable Merchandise

The Ohr HaMeir says that in life there are certain people who have it easy. Everything goes smooth for them and no obstacles stand in their way. They think that they have reached perfection, they are on top of the world. On the other hand some people cannot catch a break. Every time they make a move something goes wrong. Are they traveling on the wrong road?

The Ohr HaMeir explains with a Mashal. If someone is traveling on the road carrying a sack of wheat husks, his trip is easy. He can travel wherever he wants, for as long as he wants, feeling secure and knowing no one will rob him of his goods. However, if he is carrying a satchel of precious stones he sweats every step, knowing that he is a hunted man.

Dovid HaMelech says in L'Dovid Hashem Ori [Tehilim 27:3] "Im Takum Alai Milchama B'Zos Ani Botei'ach" - if the enemy is constantly attacking me, in this I find confidence. Why? If my path in life was devoid of any value I would not encounter constant resistance from the Yetzer Hara. The fact that there is an obstacle in my path at every turn is a sign that I, my actions, goals, and ambitions are very valuable. So valuable that the Yetzer Hara is throwing all his resources at me to stop from accomplishing my dreams.

Source: Revach L'Neshama


אורנה ניצבת said...

This is amazing!
David Melech Chai Chai ve Kayam!
He never gave up.
So we, any of us, Jewish Neshama.
Stand up, shake of the dust...

Anonymous said...

Read "Tests, Suffering and Torah":

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but I disagree. There are thousands, probably millions of people, who however hard they try, religious or not, cannot overcome their obstacles/personal problems. Just look around - people with horrifying health afflictions, people with family dilemmas, victims of very serious crimes, people with severe mental health issues, etc etc. People often die, or live lives of great pain, difficulty or anguish, precisely because they could not overcome very serious 'obstacles'. In most cases, I am sure it wasn't because they just gave up trying.

Devorah said...

That is a very pessimistic view of life and I think you have got it totally wrong. If someone has a serious illness, or is a victim of a serious crime, or has a severe mental health issue..... then the way to overcome this obstacle is to understand that this thing was sent to them from Hashem. What makes you think that I, or anyone else who may be reading this, has not had some dreadful serious obstacle in their lives, and still managed to retain a belief in Hashem? Whilst you may not be able to undo the damage, you can heal by accepting that this thing was sent to you for a reason. What that reason is perhaps something carried over from a previous lifetime, but any obstacle can be overcome simply by adjusting your thought process. 'We can't direct the wind, but we can adjust the sails.''

Anonymous said...

That last sentence i loved Devorah...

"We can't direct the wind, but we can adjust the sails"
Beautiful... and so true thank you.

May Hashem help each of us to overcome the obstacles that come our way.

No life runs smoothly, also praying to Hashem for all who have problems whoever and whereever they be, if we just ask Hashem to hlep all those we do not know... Hashem will reach down in His mercy and help them..
This is how i believe..

Hashem bless all... needing help in many ways. Amen.

angela said...

Amen Amen!!!