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Nibiru [Kochav Yaakov]


Text copied from a reliable source, and to be honest it is making much more sense than anything else I have read to date.

In the 1950s don Carlos Muñoz Ferrada was already speaking of Nibiru, based on his calculations and astronomical observations.

He referred to Nibiru as a comet planet.

Planet, because it is an oversized celestial body, whose diameter is about 4 times the diameter of Earth.

And comet, because it follows a comet-like trajectory, passing through among the other planets in the solar system.

And because it has a tail, similar to the tail of a comet.

Only its tail is immense, stretching many millions of miles outward.

And, much like the tail of a comet, the tail is blown out by the solar wind.  So, the tail is pointing towards Earth, as Nibiru comes closer. 

If the effects of Nibiru's approach are significant, for Earth, the effects of its tail are also significant.

The tail is made up of a sequence of moons, of varying sizes, that travel through space and play, around Nibiru, since in space there is no rubble.

It is also made up of a large number of asteroids, rocks and boulders, whose gravitational and magnetic force have been collecting in its dilated trajectory through space and its passage through the Asteroid Belt.

And finally, the tail is made up of the smaller and lighter components: pebbles, sandstone, and red iron oxide powder, as well as frozen hydrocarbons.

Then the larger bodies travel in the vicinity of Nibiru, the rector body, while the lighter elements, located towards the end of the tail, are blown out by the solar wind.

Since Nibiru has a powerful magnetic field, and since in the tail there are a lot of iron-containing bodies, and iron oxide, the tail also has a considerable electromagnetic charge.

That is, it acts like a magnetic arm of Nibiru, in the distance.

Since the tail stretches many millions of kilometers outward, blown by the solar wind, it is natural that one of the first signs of Nibiru's approach to Earth is the arrival of the tail to the neighborhood of the atmosphere... Then, occasionally, Nibiru's tail licks, or wraps, into Earth's atmosphere, generating various effects.

One of those effects, from our perspective, is that you can sometimes see the Sun surrounded by a strange halo, still with blue and clear sky.   Sunlight appears to have changed color, to some extent, detail that sensitive people quickly notice.   And the sunburn also gets faster and more intense.

Occasionally you can see glowing clouds. They are effects of light that illuminate greasy elements, which have reached the atmosphere.  Product of the frozen hydrocarbons contained in the queue... It is true that meteorites falling to Earth increases dramatically.

The tail of Nibiru is plagued with rocks and boulders, of all sizes.  Occasionally, you can see reddish sunsets, beyond the ordinary, by the play of sunlight and the refraction of light due to the effect of the Earth's gravity and its reflections through the tail of Nibiru, plagued with fine red rust dust made of iron. And sometimes red or brown dust deposits are observed over some flat surfaces, and even dust-reddish rains or snow.  But, the tail also has an electromagnetic charge, which makes it act like an extended magnetic arm of Nibiru.

And, suddenly, the rocky layers of the Earth, under pressure or traction, with their saltwater turnips inside them, become conductors of electricity... Then, occasionally, the tail 'makes land', approaching those conducting elements: it produces a random, localized, Electromagnetic Pulse effect.

Electromagnetic Pulse induces failure in nearby electrical and electronic equipment. Unexplained blackouts in power grids... Temporary, or fatal, faults in electronic, domestic and industrial systems.. Glitches in navigation systems, controls and avionics of aircraft.. Faults, interruptions and intermittencies, on radio and TV, and communication systems.. And many more.

I think we have been witnessing a lot of these phenomena, for quite some time now..That couldn't be happening if Nibiru were located beyond the Sun, (as NASA seems to be saying), as in that case the solar wind would blow the tail in the opposite direction, and not towards Earth.

These phenomena are indicators confirming to us that Nibiru is located somewhere between the Earth and the Sun... Later, at some point, abundant red dust will fall, which will colour the surface waters and communicate to them a bitter taste.   Just as happened in Egypt in the time of Ramses II.

The effects of Nibiru tail can be found in all traditions, myths and legends of the original peoples. They can be traced to the Bible (Exodus), the Vishuddhi Marga (Tibet), the Avila and Molina (Aztecans), the Kolbrin, and many others.


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Halahot Pesah for Sefaradim and Edut Hamizrah

Slight difference between Nusach Sefard and Ashkenazim , in some cases Ashkenazim more stringent than Sefaradim . And it very good custom to be more stringent , especially on Pesah


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I tried to look at the first link and it said it's no longer there. What is it?

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It would be interesting to learn how Professor Ferrada came across the information for the “Planet-Comet”. He most certainly could not have made it up, -as well, he must have obtained some kinds of heads-up,

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Chaim, and anyone else interested: here is the last interview with Professor Ferrada, with English subtitles:

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It's fascinating to watch that video of the Professor. I may have to put that video on my blog.

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Get your telescopes ready: Five planets to align on Monday