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April 16 2024
Dubai International Airport šŸ‡¦šŸ‡Ŗ has recorded nearly 160 mm (6.3 inches) of rain in the last 24 hours. For context, most of the DubaĆÆ metro typically averages 3.5 inches per year. This is truly a historic event for the area.

This is where Hashem is reminding the mega-rich with their tallest buildings that they are no match for His power.

And no it's not cloud seeding, CERN or weather manipulation, which are the preferred conspiracy theories for this event.

It was Napisiti and Atu: green and purple respectively.  They blocked the sun, turned day into night, turned roads into rivers and the sky turned green.  Here's a few videos to show you how it looked.  This is real, nothing is photo-shopped or AI, we don't need to do that because Hashem is doing it for us.

This is Napisiti approaching. I've shown you this so many times before, it's obvious.

The strobe lightning

Pink lightning, it was very pink in the video which I couldn't download

Sky turned green

Day turned into night

Roads turned to rivers

If you want to see more examples of Napisit, Atu and the rest click on the WONDERS label underneath this post.


Devorah said...

Devorah said...

Meanwhile in Hormuz, Iran: Severe weather turns the water BLOOD red — just in time for Passover.

Anonymous said...

It’s 2 years old


Devorah said...

It seems to be a red beach and it's always red, so I don't know why people are suddenly saying it's redder now. Maybe it's a Pesach thing, and they're all copying each other. The reason it's red is because of iron oxide.
Maybe it is redder than it was before, I don't know, but again it's being talked about.

Anonymous said...

This is just incredible. Thank you for posting these amazing videos, because if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes it's doubtful I would have believed it! The Hand of G-d is becoming more open and obvious by the day. And that's so important because so many of us (me included),out of habit and mistaken outlook, seek to explain anomalies and wonderous phenomena in "natural" ways, rather than seeing them for the true miracles they are.


Devorah said...

They're full steam ahead with the cloud seeding conspiracy. However, as you can clearly see Napisiti coming through, as seen so many times before, we know exactly what it was. Just like all the other floods in the world. And the green tinge to the skies is a dead give-away. They are trying to take credit for HKBH's handywork. As usual.