Tuesday, April 2, 2024

Frogs, Cicadas and the Eclipse

 I wonder if this counts as a re-visiting of the plague of Frogs.  

“There will be a cacophony of tree frogs and spring peepers and those are the ones I am so excited to hear,” ..... “There will be all these amphibians to hear as they slowly ‘turn on’ as it gets dark.”

Source: Bangor Daily News [don't bother trying to visit that site, you need to Log In, although I managed to grab a screen shot of the relevant part]

We've already heard about the locusts cicadas - but that could also be another sign:

Cicadas, for many, represent personal change, renewal, rebirth, and transformation. 

The earliest documented examples of cicada folklore come from China, where stone carvings of the bug date to 1500 BCE. Seeing how the cicada would shed its nymphal exuviae—usually leaving the empty shell on a tree—and then begin its adult life in a new winged body, the Chinese regarded cicadas as symbols of rebirth.


Devorah said...

Dennis, could you please re-write your comment without the hyperlink to that site. I don't want my blog linking directly to that site. So if you could just put the website address instead of the actual link it would be great. Thanks for that.

Anonymous said...

An earthquake in Japan just happened an hour or so ago.


Dennis said...

It is at gematriaresearch dot blogspot dot com.


Devorah said...

Quoting Dennis' original comment:
"Hello, at the present time there is a substantial amount of evidence that the Community Organizer is linked to the event we seek (in a bad way, of course), the below page explains how his birth year is directly linked to the destruction of the Second Temple in CE 70, also the Satanic gematria."

The community organizer Dennis is speaking about is Gog. If you read my blog, you know who Gog is.
Someone has calculated the satanic gematrias showing that Gog's birth year is directly linked to the destruction of the Second Temple.
If you want to read it go to: gematriaresearch.blogspot.com
It's satanic gematria proving again that Obummer is Gog.

Anonymous said...

JUST IN: A 7.4-magnitude earthquake strikes off Taiwan's eastern coast, sparking tsunami warning in Japan

Devorah said...

Remember the planets, the sun and the moon are all in a line on April 8

Anonymous said...

*Breaking: CIA officials informed Israel that Iran would attack areas in Israel in the next 48 hours.*

The scenarios speak of a combined attack by a swarm of drones and cruise missiles that will be launched directly from Iran to strategic sites in Israel.


Anonymous said...


'The Bummer' is completely involved in everything that is going on in our world today. Even for the politicians who have no clue or desire to be busy with Gog and a Moshiach blog, they all know that he is stationed right near the White House and practically in charge.

And then there's Natan's out of body experience.....

When I think about it, it intrigues me to know that we may actually be witnessing the true Gog that has been discussed for millennia!



Estee said...

One thing that I don’t quite understand is that the US is very significant of course, but wouldn’t it be a much bigger deal if the eclipse were over E”Y?

Margolis said...

"April 10 - This is an exciting one. There will be a slim lunar crescent and Comet 12P/Pons-Brooks, also called 'Mother of Dragons', will be visible below the Moon even with binoculars. The planet Jupiter will also hangout near the Moon to its left.
ALSO SEE: Total Solar Eclipse 2024 Will Be Like No Other; Check Date And Where It Will Be Visible
The comet is offering a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for the viewers in the northern hemisphere as it won't return until 2095. NASA says that it takes approximately 71 years to complete one trip around the sun".
The Djinn Shedim have joined with the Kerubim(TELI DRAGON AXIS QUTUB) time to wake up give up political hate 3rd temple the gog roof of the world is here. https://in.mashable.com/science/72420/moon-will-soon-hangout-with-mother-of-dragons-comet-spot-it-before-the-show-is-over?fbclid=IwAR33ZwBRpbLzUVvQQ1Fpc_yr2MrQBtNG4CC_lmXQZ2MRm94REEvUxsAA1lk

Dennis said...

Hello, as I explained in my write-up about the matter on Kabbalahsecrets.com there can be little doubt that digits 2384 starting at the 17th position of Pi encode for CE year 2023 and Jewish year 5784 respectively. The digits 2384 are preceded by the digits 793 so we get the sequence 7932384. The Community Organizer is, I believe, linked to the number 793 and the years 2023/5784 as follows: 793 is the 12th star number and the 654th composite number, and those numbers sum to 666. Also, the numbers 7932384 sum to 36, and the 36th triangular number, i.e. 1 plus 2 plus 3 and so on up to 36 is 666. He was born in 1961, and 793 is 13 times 61, 13 is the 6th prime number, 61 is the 18th, and 6 plus 18 is 24, as in current CE year 2024.

In addition, the digits 793 in Pi are preceded by 89, and an Internet search for "the reciprocal of 89" will reveal several articles detailing how the repdigits of that number repeat every 44 digits, and the Community Organizer is "44"

I have yet more information about how gematria values of the name of the Community Organizer might possibly be linked to the circadas but I will save it for tomorrow.


Devorah said...

I don't know why you call him the Community Organizer but I think it's quite funny.

He was the 44th President of the USA.

Can't wait to hear about the cicadas !

Anonymous said...

Here's a prediction: if anything goes wrong during the eclipse, they will just blame Israel.

Anonymous said...


i agree with this guy... nothing bad will happen..
they just want people to panic...\\



Devorah said...

Yes they want to create a climate of fear because they have already activated the demonic forces above, people are clearly seeing demonic faces in the clouds now. It's not a joke anymore. The mass fear is what they want.
The rockets and the Hadron Collider are meant to accelerate this process.
Everyone should stay home and say Tehillim.

Anyway I'll be sleeping thru it all, it will be around 3am for me.

Devorah said...

Japan quake 6.0

These quakes are from the close passing planets or perhaps because of the eclipse, take your pick.

Devorah said...


That weird looking link will take you to some calculations for the date of 16 Nissan. I don't know what browser you use but I get an automatic Google translate appear, so I could read it in English. 4/24 the 24th of April.
4-24 is gematria Moshiach ben David and other info about it. And it is 424 whichever way you read that number.


This is getting real https://x.com/MarioNawfal/status/1776023429474398405

Devorah said...

Although there's nothing on the internet from what I can see anyway... I just saw a video by the user Moon Henry who says the Comet was visible last night or perhaps the night before, in the Middle East and they initially thought it was a rocket but then realized it was the green Devil's Comet.

That would line it up with the 25th day of the sixth month, and it was visible to the naked eye in the Middle East. Did anyone in Israel see anything?

I have the video, but he does a lot of xtian references etc so didn't feel like posting it.

Devorah said...

So it's a possibility that this comet that was seen on the 25th day of the sixth month [but not the 6th day of the week, that will be in Elul].... that it could be the Kochav Yaakov, I don't know. Kochav Yaakov is supposed to be red. But this is green with a red centre.
Anyway, have a look at this video from 9:57 where he's talking about the comet getting a lot brighter.
I think there's two "stars" - this comet in Adar II and the other one in Elul.

Devorah said...

Forgot to put the video link, here it is

Anonymous said...

Devorah, regarding the elipse, i doubt you will sleep. :)

I think you will want to watch it on sites that show how it goes.

Some are saying there will be darkness... whatever... i will watch, and pray. amen.