Sunday, April 7, 2024

The Eclipse has Changed Course

So the solar eclipse has changed it's course.  

New calculations have slightly shifted the eclipse's path of totality - calculations which were published just a week before the event.

Some are saying it's because of the pole shift, and they're quoting Isaiah 24:20

"The earth reeleth to and fro like a drunken man, and swayeth to and fro as a lodge; and the transgression thereof is heavy upon it, and it shall fall, and not rise again."

Forbes tells you here why the original path is suddenly wrong, and here you can find the new revised path. Also see Did the 2024 Eclipse Path Change?

Now if you look at the information given in the article from the NYPost below, they are saying that the sun is actually BIGGER than we thought.    Well, I know it's bigger, it has a darker circle around it that wasn't there before - and that's because there's another sun behind it, like I've told you for a long time now.  [but they won't tell you that, they are just coming up with their measurements nonsense]

From the NY Post

Irwin’s collaborator, Luca Quaglia, explained to Forbes that he believes their projection is more precise because they used a more accurate measurement of the sun and moon instead of widely used figures that are based on  calculations of the sun’s size that has been used since the 1800s. 

“Measurements and observations in the last decade have demonstrated that [the traditional measurement of the sun] is slightly too small,” said Quaglia, adding “There is evidence that the solar radius has changed over the centuries.”He also maintained that the jagged edges of the Moon’s topography, which have now been exactly calculated by NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter, would narrowly impact the path of totality, 

Still, there was no guarantee that the new measurements are completely precise. “How far outside the eclipse limits the solar corona ceases to be visible is anyone’s guess,” said Quaglia. “There is no experimental data to back any distance up.” 

I don't even know what that last paragraph means, but I think it means we should expect the unexpected.

There's also many people saying that the moon's shadow cannot eclipse the sun because the moon will be in the wrong position to do so.... which means that something ELSE is going to be covering the sun and that is why all their calculations have been thrown out at the last minute, so to speak.  

The following text has been cut and pasted by many people in various places, I don't even know who originally wrote it or edited it, but a couple of names appear at the end.

The fact that agencies have to make a new map with a new route without giving explanations is disturbing, and the answer to this is because in the last week the poles re-accompanied in their continuous ramblings, this settles the doubt as to why so much tremor and earthquake.

You just don't change the solar eclipse path map suddenly a week before it happens. You just don't move West that far like that and claim a mistake was made. Mistakes this big just don’t happen.  Not with the technology we have today. What a ridiculous statement. How absurd. Billions of dollars have been made in preparations.

We've been warning about changing poles for years. And now we're on the cusp of it. We've passed the 400 degree mark and are approaching the 410 degree mark.. A wider Earth tremor was even reported with last months report on March 3, 2024

You know what I think changed, it wasn't the data, everything is suddenly going out of orbit.. That's what."Mike from all over the world" just said last Friday that the Sun is swinging. He called him an evil shimmy. And not in a funny way. He is being hit by an outside influence. A Disturber. It has also confirmed in the past that the moon is out of orbit. He said all planets are being affected by what is coming, as are other researchers. And if that's the case, the Earth is also being affected.

How many people have said the Sun and Moon and even the stars are not in the right place for the past year, countless have done it in my comment section. Farmers and gardeners have reported.This was predicted 2700 years ago by the Prophet Isaiah. The Earth will shake like a drunkard. Isaiah 24:20.The World Economic Forum warned in 2022 that a Pole Shift is one of their biggest concerns, and the U.S. Air Force warned in a 2015 report that we are not ready for it. Multiple organizations online and on YouTube are warning about this.

The destroyer is coming. That's what Mike's been warning about. The Disturber. The incoming binary system. The Sun twin. And now it's ringing the louder alarm than ever. The effects are being felt. Jet streams and weather and seasons are completely out of control. Sea surface temperatures continue to break records, and we had the hottest year on record in 2023 and heat records are still being broken to this day.No wonder the National Guard has been activated and deployed along with HAZMAT, FEMA teams and the state of emergency declared across America. I'm not saying anything is going to happen, but they sure are pretty prepared just in case. None of this has taken place before for a total solar eclipse. Why now ?

It all adds up. Everything that is happening in the whole world is for what is coming. And this last-minute change of the eclipse's path to the west is screaming it. Like Mike just said, I don't think we're in the last days, I think we are in the last hours.Taken from John Trazyck and "Mike Around The World".


Anonymous said...

Everything, yes, everything is guided and controlled by the one creator Hashem

No human can predict anything, only the do guess work.


Anonymous said...

I find it funny that they are talking all science-y about how they made a mistake in their eclipse calculations because we suddenly have better technology and over hundreds of years the sun has gotten bigger! And they only just now noticed!!!

I pray to Hash-m Yisborach that Moshiach comes now, the Complete and Final Redemption comes immediately, and all the Jews come home to Eretz Yisroel, and techiyas hameisim starts, and "we will have been like dreamers. Then our mouth will be filled with laughter and our tongue with joyous song. Then the nations will say, 'G-d has done great things for them.'"


Devorah said...

Amazing isn't it, how one week before the eclipse they suddenly discover that the sun is bigger. Maybe they are worried that the moon [or whatever] will not completely cover the sun as it normally does. They needed to find a reason why that could happen, before it actually happens.

What I've noticed, and what many other people have noticed, is that if you spend even two minutes in the sun, your skin feels way too hot and you need to go inside or under protection. It's much stronger, or the rays are more powerful on some level, because people are feeling it.

Devorah said...

Received via email: if anyone can confirm that such a Sefer and Mekubal exists, please leave a comment.

In the Peri Netzach by the Mekubal Rabbenu Tzvi it says that before the arrival of Moshiach, there will be an earthquake followed by an eclipse, signaling the onset of Gog and Magog, when Paros (Persia) will attack Eretz Yisrael. These events are seen as precursors to the final redemption, as prophesied in Jewish teachings.

Anonymous said...

Ahhhhh. Now I get it. Climate change was the cover story for the 2nd planetary system and the pole shift !! But our spiritual eyes know it is in fact biblical as they say. Our long awaited prophesied Geula. Now baby!! With all the bells and whistles !!

Anonymous said...

Estee said...

Devorah, that 4/8, 4.8, 4:8 connection that you posted took me into a bit of a deep-dive and I realized how connected it all is!
That pasuk is HaShem discussing with Moshe (at the burning bush) about our reaction to the signs that He’ll give us, the snake and hand-tzara’as.
Those were the two signs at that time. Nowadays, we have the earthquake first, and the eclipse a few days later, on Monday of the week of Tazria. So I looked up sheini for this week, and it talks all about, you guessed it - tzara’as! Both of the second signs are intertwined here, I was blown away!
And another comfort, Rashi says in Shemos 4:8 that HaShem gave Moshe’s hand tzara’as (again, the second sign at that time) because he spoke “lashon hara” in that he didn’t think that klal yisrael would believe him. Even Moshe rabeinu! It says how all the more so, those who actually trespass against us will be stricken with plagues. And it truly shows how that sign is connected to this very eclipse. HaShem really has our back, and it all connects together at this VERY moment.

Dennis said...

Hello, thanks Devorah for catching the above about 48 connected to the eclipse and earthquake and Exodus 4:8, another person who should be thanked is the who posted recently that 2017 times 2024 is 4082408, that is huge, here is why: The digits 40824 no doubt encode for April 8 2024, 4-08-24, I believe the 08 encodes for 8 days later, April 16th, because it is the 8th day of the 8th month of the 8th year of the current 305th Jewish calendar cycle, and the significant numbers of 305, i.e. those greater than zero, sum to 8.

But the is yet more: CE years 2023 and Jewish year 5784 overlapped during the 107 from September 16th to December 31st, October 7 can be written as 10-7 which resembles 107, and 16 April is the 107th day of 2024 and 214th day of 5784, and 107 times 2 is 214.

The first 9 digits of the square root of 24 are 44.9888875, I believe 44 encodes for a certain individual whose first four letters of his first name backwards spells arab, the 8888 sequence encodes for the 8's mentioned above, 75 is for Israel's 75th year. In addition, 449 is the 87th prime number, I suspect the 87 codes for something but I am not certain so I won't post it.

There is even more, if such a thing is possible. 2024 can be written as '24, the paths of the 2017 and 2024 eclipses will for I giant X over North America, and x is the 24th letter.

Sincerely, Dennis

Devorah said...

It's April 8 here in Sydney. Not long to go and it will be April 8 in the USA.
I'm blown away by all these comments, this is unbelievable and we're living it.

Devorah said...

Now we know why Elon Musk called Twitter "X". He's one of them. Sending rockets up all the time..

Annie said...

Amen Amen Amen

Anonymous said...

Taken from kedoshei yisrael:

Five years ago Rav Yitchak Ginzburg said that Moshiach had to come by 5784, a calculation based on the life of David HaMelech.
We are now erev rosh chodesh nisan 5784, nisan is the month of geula, and rosh chodesh nisan is the new year for kings.
The sar of Esav in shamayim is dying. Without spelling it out, so that it won't be used against us, look at the state of the most important malchut in the world. The reason behind it, is the death throes of Esav's sar. The bracha has left the palace. Please don't ask about this. Nuf said.
A solar eclipse is a good sign for Israel, and vice versa.
Obviously Hashem brings Moshiach according to His plan and timing, and part of His plan is that Am Yisrael has to cry out for Moshiach. Now is not the time for complacency and acceptance, or despair, but for tefilla, tsaaka and simcha. Tomorrow evening, is a big tefilla at Kever David for the geula. Every Jew can join this.

There's a story about two Jews in the Shoah, one a tsadik and the other a simple Jew. The nazi said whoever can jump across the pit, which was physically impossibl, is spared. The nazi fired a shot, they closed their eyes and jumped. They miraculously landed on the other side of a huge pit, and opened their eyes in amazement. The simple Jew said how did that happen. The tsaddik responded, I clung to our avot, Avraham, Yitzchak and Yaakov, what did you do? The simple Jew said, I clung to you.

Only Moshiach Now

Anonymous said...

Has anyone considered Nibiru/Planet X/Jacob’s Star as something that could disrupt the expected path of the eclipse?

Anonymous said...

In one of the comments above, Dennis said that "The first 9 digits of the square root of 24 are 44.9888875"

This is incorrect as the square root of 24 is 4.8989794. This means his theory behind the encodes is incorrect to begin with. Not sure if he's calculated the square root of a different number by accident.