Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Hashem Sent Me

A true story - from a friend: 
Just now. Driving through the rain. Spotted an obviously Jewish man in his late 60s. Offered him a lift. He said "How did you know I needed a lift so badly? I am running late to an important meeting". I said "Hashem sent me to you". He asked me what I do for work and I told him. He said, "How interesting. This meeting you are driving me to, a group of us retired friends are deciding where to invest a pool of our finances. We were debating bonds, shares or property. You just decided for me. We want you to develop an 18 month construction project for us. I'll be in touch tomorrow." My jaw dropped and he smiled and said to me "Hashem sent me to you"!


Anonymous said...

All i can say is: How beautiful!!
Thanks for an uplifting read....


Tali said...

Thank you for the really nice story, Devorah. Yet another reminder of how we often make our own mazal, whether bitter or sweet.