Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Spiritual Darkness

"And there was a thick darkness throughout the land of Egypt... No man could see his brother nor could any man rise from his place" [Bo 10:22-23]

This verse, said R' Chanoch of Alexander, teaches us a valuable lesson in Divine service.

''And there was a thick darkness throughout the land of Egypt'' - when it is a period of spiritual darkness - and ''No man could see his brother'' - when somebody only cares about himself and ignores the plight of others - then ''nor could any man rise from his place'' - he will not be able to rise from his low spiritual state.

Source: Rabbi Yisrael Bronstein


  1. This is so brilliant and, at the same time, so obvious - like a huge precious stone lying on the floor unnoticed, until someone picks it up. P/S: I wonder how many hours a day reading and researching it takes to gather such plethora of wonderful articles. Thanks to Devorah for the daily inspiration!!

  2. Very concise and yet wonderful.


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