Friday, July 13, 2012

A Dream of the End

Art: Fernando Botero
I woke up from a strange dream this morning.  In the dream it was Friday afternoon, and people were getting ready for Shabbat.  Suddenly, all the houses started falling down, rocks and bricks were being strewn all over the ground. People were desperately trying to get back to their homes before Shabbat, and for some people it was impossible to get anywhere, and they were scared.  Dead bodies and severely injured people were cluttering the streets.  Ambulances were trying to get the wounded out, it was a totally unreal scene.  A few orthodox Jews wearing their Shabbat clothes were calmly walking to shul for Friday night service, while the chaos continued all around them.

I've never had a dream like that before.  Maybe it was total nonsense, or maybe it was a sign that we are on the edge of erev Shabbat [Geula] and the world is being judged.  Those who can't get back to their homes in time for Shabbat will be scared, but those who are prepared will calmly walk through and arrive at their destination.


Anonymous said...

Devorah, it is said that dreams follow their interpretations. So let us hope it is the geulah! However, on the nonsense end, it probably was a manifestation of the chaos on your blog the other day, Maybe the shecker facades on your blog are being exposed and knocked down and the upright represented by the orthodox going to shul are the ones who will survive your scrutiny. Maybe it is good to clean house and only post blogs and comments from those who are true to Torah values and who chas ve shalom don't have their own agendas.Lately, I have wondered about comments that seemed to push Xian ideas and wondered if they in fact were not missionaries. I noticed the posted Xian video recently and then the other day a slip regarding an Islam site which was later corrected. Much hatzlacha and may Hashem guide you that you blog will bring your readers to yiras shomamim and ahavas Hashem, and to Torah observance and reinforcement.

Leah said...

May it be for the best.(your dreams) As for the upcoming feeling of geula- I'm with you on that one....

Genoism said...

It's hard to give credence to dreams these days because according to R Mizrachi the majority of dreams we get today are from demons who whisper into our ears. He did mention a source when he said that but I don't remember what it is.

Anonymous said...

I too enjoy your blog, but have never posted comments here. In fact, I can't get past the robot test to post directly. I must have tried 10 times. My eyesight must be bad. What makes me write today?

I wonder if I was in your dream too - my dream last night seemed similar. ;)

I live in Yerushalayim and awoke this morning from a dream that I was walking down a street here where every block there were boxes filled with water and men inside them, fully dressed and bareheaded, face down and apparently dead. Other men were trying to revive them, to no avail.

Later on in the dream I was helping prepare a Shabbat soup in a meat kitchen. The broth was in a large plastic jar, ready to put into a pot. That's all I remember.

All the best, and shabbat shalom (I assume you will reply/post after Shabbat due to the time difference).

CDG, Yerushalayim