Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Nibiru / Kochav Yaakov

This is a photo I managed to grab from a video on Tik Tok.  It was a live video, no photoshop, no sun dogs [camera reflection]. There are a lot more videos out now, people are seeing it everywhere.

This photo shows the sun and the planet to the north of it.  The moon is on the other side of the sky, it is not the moon.

I know, we've been here before, but it's back.  And if you remember back in 2016 when I was blogging Niribu, Rav Sternbuch said at that time that it was too early for Nibiru.  Well here we are seven years on and hopefully we're not too early now and we are in the year of Geula.


Anonymous said...

Devorah, AMEN!
Yes. there is talk again about it!
May H' brings us our Geulah in a blink of an eye, with kindness & mercy!


Anonymous said...

Yes, Devorah! AMEN!
There seems to be more talk about it again lately.
Praying for the Geulah, k'heref ayin, b'rachamim!

Anonymous said...


Please HaShem… have mercy on Your People and everyone trusting in You alone… bring Redemption quickly

Anonymous said...

It hasn't been seen since the Ice Age – here's how to watch the C/2022 E3 green comet in Idaho
Boise State Public Radio News | By George Prentice
Published January 24, 2023 at 8:28 AM MST

LISTEN • 6:55
Dan Bartlett/NASA
Between Feb. 1 and Feb. 2, the newly discovered comet is slated to draw nearest to Earth — 26.4 million miles away to be exact.
Its formal name is C/2022 E3 and it's described as a fuzzy, bright green comet that hasn’t visited the solar system in tens of thousands of years.

“Based on its current orbit, the estimates are roughly, I believe, 50,000-years was the last time that it was flying through the inner solar system,” said Dr. Irwin Horowitz, past president of the Boise Astronomical Society.

Devorah said...

Another coment - 2023BU - flashes by earth tomorrow. Very close but it's kinda small.

Anonymous said...

1st solar eclipse over ESAU was 2017. 2nd full solar eclipse rosh chosdesh Nissan 2024. Overlay the paths of these two solar eclipses it makes a huge X over the map of the USA. Us debt will hit 33 trillion right around the time of that solar eclipse. The 2nd solar eclipse in 7 years. 33 gates of impurity.... that was a big number for esau. Next year is also the year of gevurah in the present shmittah cycle..... looking for something major to happen...

Avraham Weiss said...

Solar Eclipse Paths over USA - 2017 / 2024... X marks the spot.

Leah said...

Zohar Shemot Argaman flaming......