Monday, March 30, 2020

When the Lubavitcher Rebbe Self Quarantined for Seder

Art Ann Kremnizer

If you're feeling nervous about spending Seder night alone, you need to read this article about the time the Lubavitcher Rebbe did exactly that.

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Joshua manevitz said...

There is good news , the serious cases of death will end shortly as a way to prevent the damage to the lungs has been found by a doctor named Dr. Zev Zelenko , he has had zero deaths
in close to 600 cases , he was interviewed by no other than Rudy Guliani .

Anonymous said...

Although Dr. Zelenko has been working successfully with the drug cocktail Hydroxychloroquin and Azythromycin, he did not discover it. French doctors did a small study on it, and others around the world have been using it, too. The FDA just authorized its use for emergency cases.

Anonymous said...

Who's nervous about a solitary seder? Been doing it for decades as the most healthy choice for my situation. Difficult as the preps have been.

Anonymous said...

Attn. Anonymous of 3/30 6:42pm
Is there a link which shows that the French discovered it first?
Thanks. M.M.

Anonymous said...

MM, I don't know if they discovered it first, but they did do a small study on it and reported promising findings. It's possible the Chinese or S. Korea were using it before the French. I'm not really sure. Google it. I'm sure you'll find the info.