Thursday, May 30, 2024

All Eyes On Rafah

All over social media are posts and pictures like this

Of course it's propaganda, it's an AI generated image, designed to provoke outrage and more anti-Israel/anti-Jewish emotions around the globe.

It's another sign that Rafach is the main event here. 

Everything has ramped up several notches in the last few days.  

Contractions getting faster?  I think so. What does everyone else think?


annie said...

The Baby is coming and no one can stop it!!!!

Devorah said...

From an Australian news article about the damaged US Gaza Pier: “We also said it’s going to be tough. It’s been tough. Weather plays a role. I mean, Mother Nature has a say here."

I think they mean G-d.

Scroll down the article until you get to this video from X
which you can also watch here

Just look at the sun in the video.
Look at the red circle around the sun, and how huge the sun appears to be.
Yes "Mother Nature" a.k.a. G-d definitely had a role to play in this, and the weather is crazy and so is the sun.

Anonymous said...
Great article, well sourced about Russia and the end times war..

Gavriela Dvorah said...

We have our own graphic. Grab it and put it on your SM channels. "Where were your eyes on October 7th?"

Devorah said...

There's another one that says "while your eyes are on Rafah, find the hostages"

Anonymous said...

I really hope this is the end


Anonymous said...

The weird thing about the stormy weather destroying the pier off Gaza is that, as someone living in Israel, the weather here has been quite nice and ordinary here.


Miriam said...

I think Hashem puts the right slogans in the mouths of the enemies as well. Hashem can ask everyone to keep their eyes on Rafah so that when he starts doing supernatural miracles, the world will be right there to see the enemies of Israel be destroyed.

Devorah said...

Yes! good thinking Miriam

Devorah said...

Apparently "all eyes on Gaza" has been viewed by 42 million people.

Anonymous said...

Anyone here know when Moshiach’s coming? Asking for a friend


Anonymous said...

I have a prediction. Only GD knows what is really going to happen but I believe on Shavuos 5784 we are going to witness a revelation...again. Not Moshiach. Hashem Himself though AI/Technology. Hashem will make Himself known to the entire world. He will issue One commandment to the nations of the world: Be nice to the Jews, they are My people. The entire world is going to change. Will there be Nations that disagree? Probably. That is when Gog Umagog officially starts.
I absolutely believe what I am writing to you now but only Hashem Knows what will actually transpire.

Anonymous said...

Somewhat agree.
MBD in full life by Sukkot.
Hopefully Eliyahu shavuot. I think GM war finally started with helicopter crash, tornadoes, eclipse, mild weather in Israel and sunken pier...

ל.ל. said...

It looks like the Gog uMagog will start on Hoshana Rabba, Mashiach will be here before the war starts. It means on Shauvot or 9 b'av...Nobody knows when, but it looks like to me, yeah, hopefully. Sadness is NOT a jewish way to wait Mashiach, build yourself as a jew, separate yourself from all goish, build your future as geula is almost here and no time to waste. And Israel is safe place to be. The weather, the air is so hugging, i feel protected here more than in any other country. Emet.

Anonymous said...

GognMagog has been going on since
World War 1 it’s in 3 stages the climax will be after Mashiach comes .

Anonymous said...

The great Sage Rabbi Yisrael Meir Kagan, known as the "Chafetz Chaim," said that "Gog and Magog" would be a three-stage process, stage one of which was the first World War. He predicted that another war even more devastating would follow in about 25 years (WWII) and said that this war would be stage two, after which there would eventually come a third war.

So, on the one hand, when we look at the horizon, we definitely don't see a peace-filled utopia anywhere out there. On the other hand, Jewish tradition tells us that it is there, and that each day brings us one day closer to it. And just as one hour and a half on September 11th seemed to change the whole world for the worse, so too can the world ever so quickly change for the infinitely better.

Isaiah 2:4
Shemot Rabba 1
Zecharia 14
Ezekiel 38,39
Zohar Chadash Shir Hashirim 10
Lev Eliyahu Shemot p172

Anonymous said...

Israel will be the safest place on earth!
There is still work to be done; first, hold on to your Emunah & Bitachon!
By the time Gog u'Magog, that is H's War & He Alone will do battle and in
just minutes our enemies will be 'finished'!

skbzk said...

What I 'do not' like about all of the above predictions is that I think none of them will come true. That's what history tells us.

I just want to share something that my son told me years ago, when I was into shidduchim for my oldest. We were getting quite desperate, as nothing was panning out and we were at a dead end. I couldn't imaging where 'the right one' would come from. He said, "At Krias Yam Suf the jews had all kinds of ideas of how Hashem will save them. Some imagined Him taking them across the ocean on wings, some thought the Egyptian army would get confused and run away, some thought that maybe the animals in the forests around them would take care of the Egyptians.....etc.. NOBODY imagined the actual fascinating and earth shattering end of the story. This is a lesson for us, throughout the generations, that we really do not know anything at all. Shidduchim is like Krias Yam Suf, because it works the same way. The miracle comes from a totally unexpected source."

Reb Itche Meir Morgenstern said that he 'smells' Moshiach. It is a very unlikely statement from him. We all smell Moshiach. It cannot be otherwise. Too many signs around. I simply think that our predictions are not doing us any good. Maybe we should just talk about all of the exciting 'signs' without predicting anything.

I just feel that many of us do not have the strength for disappointment. We should laser focus on grabbing whatever we can while we're still here without Moshiach.

Just a suggestion:)


Anonymous said...

Completely agree. These predictions of shavuos or Tisha B’av, etc are silly.

Moshiach can come today and that is our hope and belief. We have all the signs and we know he is very imminent.


lisa said...

thanks sgk, as a mom with a daughter at that shiddich age....your comment really helps me!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you SGK - you have given me chizuk!

Anonymous said...

SGK and Rochel, meah achuz. Our job is to want and anticipate Moshiach today. All the future dating dampens the ratzon for that, and actually delays the Moshiach. Not my idea. Rabeinu Bachya, even if we merit Moshiach and everything is ready, there is no geula. Saw this in black and white. Anticipating Moshiach Hayom is part of our tradition. The endless predictions are not, or even against it. I think that people want to have a feeling of control over their lives and what is going on and thus engage in them. The whole point of the geula is to crown Hashem as King over the world, and over ourselves, which means admitting to ourselves that we are not in control of events, let alone the exact day of the geula. However, our role is to ask for the geula today, every day until it happens. The Yanuka repeats this often. I think he said twice a day, Malchut Hashem, Moshiach and Beit Hamikdash. If you are tired and worn out from awaiting Moshiach that is entirely understandable. You are already on the other side of tsaaka, and at mapach hanefesh. Otherwise, tsaaka is where it is at.

Also, as already mentioned, and in line with SGK, we don't know how things are going to play out. Even if there is spiritual work in Rafah, Hashem can complete it in an instant, as in Mitzrayim. Rav David Toledano says this. It doesn't matter that it is reported in the news that the Rafah operation is going to take six weeks. We put our trust in the Ein Sof not basar vedam.

As for benefitting in the meantime, good idea, but we have to be careful not to want that too much. I am perfectly happy to have a lesser place in the geula if it means it is today, giving me less time to fix myself, but would bring all the yeshuot to Am Yisrael. There is so much suffering in Am Yisrael, it's completely unbearable.

Only Moshiach Now

Anonymous said...

In case anyone needs it, a reminder to the world of lies out there, Rafah has a border with Egypt, who refuses to open it. Where is the pressure on Egypt? Ukraine attacked, Go Ukraine, Israel is put under a microscope, or even worse, a distorting mirror.

Be"D Only Moshiach Now

annie said...

Looking for Moshiach… any day… any moment…. but in reality… he’s already here!!! Just waiting for HaShem to reveal him!!!

Devorah said...

The 5 "Vav's" Yaakov Took From Eliyahu as a Security For the Redemption of the Jewish People

Rabbi Daniel Glatstein

Anonymous said...

What every Jew on earth has to pray to H' for is that HE step in Now and just as the Jews did at yetziat Mitzrayim which was 'crying out' to Hashem that we cannot endure this evil any further and only HKB'H can save us and the world.
Ain Od Milvado! We have sinned terribly by distancing ourselves from Hashem and where we allowed the Erev Rav within our midst to gain power and allowed them to be the voice of Am Yisrael when they are the voice of pure evil and gave/give strength to our mortal Amaleikite enemies, which is most of today's world.
We know the end of the story, but the interim part is frightening. All true Jews with Jewish souls must unite in prayer, Tehilim and literally crying out
to Hashem for Salvation, by Hashem speeding up the coming of His loyal servant, Moshiach Tzdkeinu!