Wednesday, May 22, 2024

"The Texas Cube"

Some people call this the Texas Cube, because it was first seen over Texas.  It's a giant cube flying around, and it's been video-ed and photographed for years.  What is it?   

Far North Queensland, Australia - looks more like a rectangle, and no-one really knows what this 

Texas Cube over Texas


Anonymous said...

They are trying to block something that is behind it

Anonymous said...

its the shape of a book - HBH is saying 'study Torah'

Anonymous said...

"Locals in a small coastal town were baffled to see nine pillars of light appearing in the night sky above the ocean.
Photos of the bizarre event were shared online after dozens noticed the beams near Tottori prefecture, Japan, on May 11."

Mainstream media claims it is a "natural" though rare phenomenon that occurs every few years. Occurring to media, its just refections from fishing boats... Really??